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Website Wonders: I Write Like

30 Nov

So I was randomly searching the web when I found this website: I Write Like.

Basically, click on the link, and you can paste any kind of text that you have written into the box. After that, click analyze, and it shows what famous writer you write like. I pasted in the most current novel I have written, even though it was a “just-for-personal-fun” piece.

Check out this website yourself, and see who your inner-famous-writer is.  

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!



Movie Mention: Lawless

27 Nov

I saw this bootlegging gang movie when it came out in theaters, so I’m very excited the DVD is released today!

Living during the Depression, the three Bondurant brothers run Franklin County, Virginia with their illegal alcohol sales. But when corrupt eyes fall on their successful money, Forrest, Howard, and Jack must rely on one another in order to fight off a mob willing to kill. Soon, one is severely wounded and another must prove his bravery or lose everything, including his family.

Lawless is a movie that will keep you guessing, drinking, and loving your family in the most difficult times.

Watch the trailer here.




26 Nov

So this Sunday, I checked my favorite site (read what I said about it here), and I found this little gem:

I think this is FANTASTIC, because it gives me the chance to ask you this question:

Are there any novels, poems, or plays which make you feel closer to someone in or out of your life? Why do they make you feel that way, and how do you think you could incorporate it into your writing?

Reading and writing makes me feel closer to my late mother every time, because we shared a passion for it. However, she loved Star Trek and cheesy romance novels the most. I remember staring at the covers while she read, wishing I could read too. When I write, I try to incorporate that passion.

Your turn!




TV Time: Alaska Marshals

25 Nov

Hey all!

I’ve been enjoying the family time at home recently, but I thought I would share some cool information with you.

During my family reunion (not the ENTIRE family, but more than I normally get to see), I saw family from Pennsylvania and Alaska. We caught up, ate a lot of food, and, most importantly, spent quality time together. During our talks, however, we all sat back, turned on the television, and watched one of our own on the tube.

My cousin is a U.S. Marshal (great guy who deserves a lot of praise for his hard work and dedication), and he is now on the Discovery Channel show, “Alaska Marshals.” These marshals do what they do, chase down the bad guys, and arrest them, but they also do it in the Alaskan elements.

I’ve seen the first episode. It’s intense ! Watch a clip via YouTube here.

So cuddle up on your warm couch, and watch these brave marshals partake in hunting down some seasoned criminals in the cold. Get more information here & an episode guide here.

Hope the holidays have been wonderful for everyone, and here’s a picture of my reunion: my grandma, three uncles, two aunts, four cousins, brother, dad, and a great time! 



22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving !! 

As cliche as it sounds, be sure to take a moment today and remember what you’re thankful for. I know I am thankful for my loved ones and living.

But I have another challenge for readers and writers! 

Think of your favorite novels and why you are grateful for them. What made you fall in love with the characters? How were you transported there? Why did you read past the first page? 

Maybe, when you REALLY think about it, you will surprise yourself with the elements of writing you truly appreciate. 

Again, Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels,


Movie Mention: Skyfall

19 Nov

Last night I didn’t get out of the theatre until 11:30 p.m. because I went and saw Skyfall, even though I’ve been slightly ill. (Hopefully that goes away in time for Thanksgiving!) But was it worth it?


I’m not a HUGE action-movie fan, or a fan of James Bond being blonde-haired and blue-eyed, BUT I did like this movie. The villain reminded me of the Joker, and the movie wasn’t short of classic James Bond lines (or cheesy lines either). But, all in all, it was really entertaining.

I definitely recommend this flick for family movie night (since it is PG-13) or even date night (since not all lovers necessarily want to see Breaking Dawn.) Plus, who doesn’t like Daniel Craig??

Go to the official site here.

P.S If you REALLY love spies, and you want a YA novel to read: check out Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls Series. Check out the first book, I’d Tell You I Love You, but Then I’d Have to Kill You here.


Relax & Read: Beautiful Creatures

16 Nov

I was going to save this post for the future, but I couldn’t stop myself today, because I somehow just found out that this YA novel is ALSO being made into a movie. (Comes out in February of 2013)

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl will transport you into the magical south the moment Lena Duchannes moves into the small town of Gatlin. Once she is there, Ethan Wate, a boy who’s always wanted to leave, suddenly wants to stay, because he is tortured by reoccurring dreams of a past he couldn’t possibly have lived–with a girl who couldn’t possibly be Lena.

Cursed by her sixteenth birthday, Lena will be chosen to either be of the light or the dark, and Ethan is dangerously standing by her side through all of it.

This novel is fantastic! And it is a series.

So check it out if you love the southern mystery of magic, love, and secrets held in darkness.

Check out the book series here.

Watch the movie trailer here.


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