the poem, “Regretful Memories”

lalunaPublished in LALUNA Magazine, “Regretful Memories” is a singular, standalone poem that I had kept in the depths of my desk drawer until one evening. A great photographer, Sofie Sund, called for submissions for her new magazine, and I did it immediately – without thinking too hard about it (or I probably wouldn’t have submitted it due to my perfectionist nature.) But – my surprise – I received an acceptance letter a few weeks later. My poem featured in the very first edition. LALUNA is an inspirational magazine for youth.

two poems, “On being overweight” and “To my mother”

10355548_10152840085130505_6814840772790017664_o Published in The Quill, two of my poems were shared with readers of Ohio and the United States. One is titled “To my mother – 5643 days after your death” and the other is titled “On being overweight (whatever that means)”. After being contacted by the editor of the magazine, I gladly submitted, and I was ecstatic to hear these two poems were accepted. They are both very important poems – one being an exploration of time within grievance and the other one being a focus on society’s perception of beauty and importance within physical appearances as well as culture focus.

 Poems: a collection of works by twelve young Kansas poets

I had the wonderful opportunity to share a great semester with talented poets, and our collection, “Poems: a collection of works by twelve young Kansas poets” was privately published at the end of our semester. It was also dedicated to my roommate, Kristine Andersen, who passed away October 7, 2012.

Fine Lines

Fine Lines


My personal essay, Nowhere, was published in the winter edition of the literary magazine, Fine Lines. My essay follows my life on the road and questions what it means to have hometown when you haven’t stayed still for very long at all. This is my story of being from “nowhere.”

Read Nowhere.

Published February 10, 2015



The Pink Scarf (Ashtrays to Jawbreakers, V. 2)

A contemporary short story

Free on Smashwords

Although this story is among my shortest pieces, I am very grateful for the opportunity to share it with the world. Without giving too much away, I believe that mental health is a complicated world we must discuss, so I wrote this piece with a heavy heart and a stomach full of coffee.

2013: AEC Stellar Collection

My short story, Sean’s Bullet, was originally written in my college writing class during my freshman year. Unlike my novels, it is military-fiction, and it was inspired by stories I’ve heard from soldiers. Sean’s Bullet is dedicated to every man and woman who has served.

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