Book Clubs & Teachers

As a librarian and absolute bibliophile, I adore book discussions with book clubs and classrooms. Below you’ll find a list of fun questions to start a conversation about the Timely Death trilogy. I’ve also included a recipe for Mindy’s Lemon Bars. (If you’ve read the books, then you know that Mindy Welborn loves to make these sweet treats, and Eric loves to eat them.) I actually make these myself once a year and included a photo from when I once made them. Totally worth it if you ask me! I recommend having them with some coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. 

Also, if you want me to speak at your book club or classroom discussion, please contact me! I am always happy to do so! There might be a free giveaway, too.  

Book Discussion Questions for Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 of the Timely Death trilogy:

  1. What were your favorite parts of the book? The least favorite?
  2. Who was your favorite character and why? Least favorite?
  3. In the Timely Death trilogy, the Dark is the “good” guys and the Light is the “bad” guys. How does this challenge your view of archetypes?
  4. Every character has two identities: a human face and a supernatural one. No one knows who the other might be in the day vs. the night. How would this affect your relationships in real life? How does the theme of identity affect the reading?
  5. The book is set in rural Kansas. What did you think about the setting? How do you feel about a small town having so much power over the fate of the world?
  6. Eric is the reluctant prophetic hero. How does this affect him? Does he eventually overcome his reluctance, and if so, why?
  7. Though the dual-POV is between Jessica and Eric, Jessica’s involvement in the Dark isn’t confirmed until the climax of the book. How did this make you feel? Did you see any foreshadowing?
  8. There are two “jobs” in the Dark: warrior or guardian. Which one would you choose to be and why? 
  9. What do you think will happen in book 2? Book 3?
  10. Pick a side: Are you a member of the Dark or the Light? Why?

Mindy’s Lemon Bars

Fun fact: I always love to put a signature dessert in all of my books. In the case of Eric, I knew the dessert would be a way to bring him closer to his stepfamily. I wanted something tangy and sweet—a dessert that really makes you stop when you have that first taste—and right away I knew I had to involve lemons. 

Lemon is one of my favorite flavors. (I’m not a huge chocolate fan. *Gasp* I know.) To me, lemons are so fresh and sweet and fun (and so overlooked), and I thought the flavor perfect for Eric’s stepmom Mindy, who is a bubbly sweetheart that never lets life get her down (even when she finds out she married into a supernatural family)! 

That said, as much as I bake, I rarely make my own recipes. I searched the internet long and hard for this glorious sweet, and I found it on Deliciously Sprinkled: Classic Lemon Bars

I also teach writing courses! I’ve taught online and in-person to adults and teens. In regards to school visits, I’m more comfortable teaching writing courses to high schoolers. For middle schoolers, I prefer giving a speech about becoming an author and answering questions about writing as a career. Writing courses include Starting a Writing Project, NaNoWriMo Tips, Navigating Publishing, and Editing & Revising 101. I’ve also spoken about authorship in general, as well as writing villains and romance. If you have a subject you’d be interested in me covering, please let me know. I’m always open!