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Bad Bloods: November Rain book reviews
Bad Bloods: November Rain book reviews

Bad Bloods: November Rain (FREE)

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  • Murry Reviews and Interviews: Ms. Thompson’s writing is to the point and easy to read. It is a good lead in the series, leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next in Serena’s life.
  • The Book Slayer (Audiobook): This is such a great read for anyone who roots for the underdogs and likes a little bit of love in a book. I think it has a little bit of everything for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy of this book today.
  • Chanda Reads (Audiobook): If you are looking for a clean YA book that has lots of action, a great story, strong and loyal characters, and is a quick read – I recommend picking up November Rain
  • Hall Ways Blog: (Audiobook): Speaking of reading with my ears — the audio book narrator, Jonathan Johns, has a delightful voice and pacing. He handled well the wide range of ages (from light hearted children to gruffer old men) and did an excellent job voicing the emotions of the characters.
  • Dab of Darkness (Audiobook): This made the book feel like a near future scifi tale and also like a war time history story at the same time.
  • Jess the Audiobookworm (Audiobook): What separates Bad Bloods from those super hyped books is Shannon A. Thompson’s magnificent character development and overall writing ability. That’s why I’m calling Bad Bloods a Hidden Gem. Getting to know Thompson’s characters was like slowly lowering into a hot bath. Intense, but at the same time oh-so-enjoyable.
  • Slytherin Book Lady: If you like dystopians, then I suggest you get to your nearest bookstore or library and check this book out. I can’t wait to read the next three books. I didn’t want to put the book down. And I definitely didn’t want it to end.
  • Midwestern Book Nerd: I highly suggest you read this series!
  • On My Kindle: I loved this book! It’s an unlikely combination of gritty and clean that is executed beautifully.
  • Truth About BooksBad Bloods is a solid work of dystopian YA that will delight any fan of the genre. It also includes an angle that is too often overlooked by other authors in the category.
  • Cheap Reads: “If you liked books such as ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Divergent,’ or even James Patterson’s ‘Maximum Ride,’ I’d definitely say you should check out ‘Bad Bloods.’ It has all the things dystopian readers love about the genre, plus an extra kick. Head over to Amazon and check out ‘Bad Bloods’ for yourself.”
  • Betwixt the Pages: “I definitely recommend to lovers of dystopian novels, fast-paced and action-packed plots, and strongly defiant characters. I cannot WAIT to pick up book two!”
  • Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories: “I highly recommend giving this a shot. Time for part 2!”
  • Lena May Books: “A powerful work of art. In November Rain, Thompson invites us into a world of secrecy, murder and unlikely friendships that are bound to make your head spin with wonder.”
  • Teen Book Lit 101: “I was in love with this novel right from the first page. It’s such a page turner and definitely a unique concept. I haven’t read anything like it so far. I love how fast paced and intense it is.”
  • Pointe Taken: “I did enjoy this book! It was a quick read.”
  • Macy Loves Stories: “November Rain is very relatable and at the same time very inspiring, breathtaking, and beautiful. It should be read by everyone because I believe everyone will learn at least one valuable lesson from it. I also thought of The Hunger Games and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children while reading it, so if you loved those books, you should definitely check Bad Bloods out!”
  • A Reader’s Review: “A dark and insightful dystopian read! Thompson is an immensely talented writer. I was reminded of events from history such as the witch trails and the Holocaust, not to mention contemporary events surrounding the modern day diaspora of those from war torn countries which has resulted in the pressure of immigration on other nations, which  some are fearful of. A top read for readers of Young Adult fiction and/or for those who are seeking a thought provoking read.”
  • The Bookworm Who Lived: “I’m so hooked on this story and I am excited to start November Snow as soon as I’m done writing this review. I definitely recommend this book!”
  • Daydreaming Books: “November Rain was a great read. The plot and the characters were pretty interesting and I was hooked from the very first page. The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was fast throughout the book. I easily finished this book in two sittings, it was hard to put it down. I am so excited to read the next part and see what happens! Recommend it? Yes!”
  • Black Words-White Pages: “This book is addicting and very fast paced. I highly recommend this story to read this amazing story.”
  • Between Folded Pages: “You’ll need to pick this one up if you’re looking for a great quick read about wonderful characters in a corrupt world.”
  • Tranquil Dreams: “November Rain is a fun read and very much a page turner!”
  • Chic Nerd Reads: “If you’re into X-men and corrupt government, then pick this up!! I am so left wanting more!! The writing is awesome and super easy. The story is fast paced and you will fly through November Rain. The plot is easy to understand, and once you’re into the story, you just get everything that’s going on. I am definitely going to read more from this author.” 
  • The Bookie Monster: “This is one of those ‘you can’t put it down’ books. Thompson builds the tension of the election and its importance slowly and with care. She develops her characters fully and with great attention to detail. She is a masterful storyteller.”
  • Mel’s Shelves: “I’m looking forward to reading more!”
  • OMG Books and More Books: “Captivating, strong and thrilling. I recommend November Rain to anyone who loves dystopian and learning the real meaning of trust in a world where trust is just an imagination.”
  • Ronnie’s World Blog: “November Rain was thrilling and exciting and gets readers excited for more. It really focuses on the attributes of family, friends and loyalty, which was really refreshing to see in a dystopian novel. I will definitely be continuing on with this duology.”
  • The Book Prints: “A fast paced fantasy, sci-fi story full of exciting characters with their own fascinating abilities and background stories. Didn’t disappoint one bit! For fans of Red Queen and Shatter Me: this one is definitely something you should check out!”
  • Babbling Books: I’m looking forward to delving into the next book to see what unfolds for the characters as I get deeper into the story.
  • Read, Watch, and Think: Fresh and alluring. November Rain is an amazing treat. I loved it and can’t wait to be an avid fan of the series. The series is definitely going to be worth drooling over.
  • The Book Forums: I recommend November Rain for EVERYONE but especially fans of dystopian and SCIFI. A great novel… It was full of strong characters each with their own background and an interesting world.
  • Crazy Beautiful Reads: Fast Paced. Intriguing. Gripping. Just like any other book she wrote, this one stands tall. An epic read that will take you in from the very first page and not let you go. A real page turner.
Bad Bloods: November Snow

Bad Bloods: November Snow (#2) 

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  • Slytherin Book Lady: I didn’t want this book to end. Much like the first one I wasn’t able to put this one down. You won’t be sorry you bought the books; they are fantastic!!
  • Midwestern Book Nerd: “I highly suggest you read this series!”
  • Betwixt the Pages: “This was a fast-paced, heart-wrenching, climactic read! The characters are realistic and believable in their actions/reactions, the plot is quick and full of action…I was swept right into the middle of this world–you should dive in, too!”
  • Mel’s Shelves: “I had a hard time putting it down once I started!”
  • Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories: “I’ve never felt more connected with fictional characters than I did with Serena and Daniel.”
  • Sue’s Reading Corner: “November Snow was amazing!”
  • The Bookworm Who Lived: “Very good books, and I do really recommend them!”
  • Teen Book Lit 101: Oh, the feels!!! I absolutely loved it!!!
  • Black Words, White Pages: I bawled like a baby at the end of this book. I highly recommend this story to all to read and enjoy!!
  • Daydreaming Books: This book was an emotional roller-coaster! So much happened in this book, I couldn’t entirely believe my eyes. Recommend it? Yes!
  • The Book Forums: Wow…I mean this as a compliment, November Snow ripped out my heart, then stepped on it…Then laughed at my dead heart on the ground. End the end, Bad Bloods: November Snow is an amazing read that I recommend to everyone.
  • OMG Books and More Books: Filled with suspense, action, and unexpected twists, Bad Bloods is one of my favorite duologues this year. I strongly recommend this book to anyone. My heart broke in the end, but I loved every minute of this book.
  • Read, Watch, and Think:  A lot more action, twists and turns making it an amazing finale. The language is satin smooth and the narration quality is what makes the author’s book to die for. It’s a fabulous series. 
  • Babbling Books: Truly, Thompson has done an incredible job here of story weaving. Just wonderful. Don’t underestimate your need for tissues here people, don’t do it. Prepare yourself with tissues and a cuddly stuffed animal.
  • Crazy Beautiful Reads: The best duology I’ve ever read! Action packed. Fast paced. Heartbreaking. The ending brought me to tears and made my heart melt.


Bad Bloods: July Thunder (#3) 

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  • On My Kindle: An excellent plot coupled with the realistic dialogue of characters with varied, and interesting, abilities, made July Thunder easy to read and hard to put down. All in all, an intriguing and fresh young adult dystopian novel that is a must-have for die-hard dystopian fans!
  • Midwestern Book Nerd: I would definitely recommend reading this if you enjoy dystopian type novels and the added bonus of some cool powers like in X-men.
  • OMG Books and More Books: 5 stars! When an author announces that there are more books to a series that you love, can you imagine a reader’s emotions?? I was thrilled.
  • Crazy Beautiful Reads: New secrets, new bad bloods and new adventures!!! I loved this one as much as the first one.
  • The Book Forums: I LOVE this! I am a sucker for great characters, and July Thunder has no short of them. Bad Bloods: July Thunder is a unique story with a strong focus on the brilliant characters rather than a world changing plot. Characters are truly given a chance to shine and the world a chance to be explored. I highly recommend the Bad Bloods novels for everyone but especially for someone who wants a smaller and more grounded narrative.
  • Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories: I absolutely love this new addition to the Bad Blood series! New perspectives. New abilities. New situations. From the start, Thompson grabs your attention. You’re sitting on the edge of your seat until the very last page.
  • Black Words, White Pages: This was a very fast paced story and it is a clean read for even teens to enjoy. This is a marvelous MUST read YA Paranormal, and I highly recommend this read to all to enjoy.
  • Babbling Books: Another fantastic addition to the Bad Bloods series and a marvelous start to a new duology. Wonderful writing, captivating characters and a story that will reel you in until the last page, these Bad Bloods may have a tendency of breaking the rules, but their stories are way too good not to read!
  • Daydreaming Books: The plot was refreshing and easy to read. We get to see so many new characters and each one possessed a unique ability.
  • Pointe Taken: I’m very excited to see where the series goes!

Bad Bloods July Lightning

Bad Bloods: July Lightning (#4)

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  • Midwestern Book Nerd: I would definitely recommend reading this if you enjoy dystopian type novels and the added bonus of some cool powers like in X-men.
  • Black Words, White Pages: OMG, What can I say about this book…..Just , just, just…….absolutely AWESOME!! Thompson spared us no secrets in this book. The story-line was magical.
  • The Book Forums: As someone who lives in southern Louisiana, hurricanes and potential flooding has been a part of my life since I was born. It is a worrying thought for all of your possessions to be lost to an impending storm which one can do nothing about. This is a universal feeling anyone in this situation would feel, and it was portrayed very well in July Lightning.  I would recommend all of the Bad Bloods books for anyone who is curious!
  • Pointe Taken: I would recommend this series to any paranormal lovers, but read them close together!
  • OMG Books and More Books: I loved this series from the start with the unique abilities of each character in the Bad Bloods world.  I can’t wait to read more books from Shannon A. Thompson!
  • Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories: Thompson never ceases to surprise me. I’m always hooked from the beginning until the end. Those plot twists! Need I say more?! Thompson does such an amazing job at establishing the plot, characters, and setting. July Lighting was an electrifying (see what I did there :D), heart pounding, squeal-inducing experience.
  • Babbling Books: This book was a heart ripping, head twisting journey, and I’m glad I got to experience it.
  • Daydreaming Books: This book was pretty awesome. I was on the edge from the very start and couldn’t put this book down.

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