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“Shannon’s content review and editing services worked wonders for my manuscript. She was quick, professional, and wonderful to work with. As a well-established author with behind-the-scenes experience, I found her input to be invaluable. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend her services.”

– A.I. Kemp, author of The Windmill Keepers

“I had been following Shannon since I started blogging/looking into Indie publishing. When I saw she offered services, I jumped on the chance to work with her expertise and connections to pump up some reviews for my first book. Shannon was professional, communicated quickly and was so great to work with. The reviews keep rolling in and my fan base is slowly growing once again. I was looking forward to an easy, effective experience and Shannon exceeded my own goals. What I didn’t expect to find was a fantastic colleague and a new friend. Even though the last part was free, it was the most rewarding.”

– Jonas Lee, author of A Time to Reap

“A wonderful editing experience. Prior to taking my manuscript, Shannon answered all my questions quickly. She returned a sample edit of my first few pages with specific notes for content and copy. Time was an issue, but she was able to work me into her schedule and had my full manuscript back earlier than expected. Her corrections, comments, and suggestions were easy to understand.  Even after receiving my manuscript back, she was still readily available for any questions. I’m excited to use Shannon’s editing services for the next book in my series. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, pleasant, and satisfied experience.”

– J.N. Colon, author of Stalked

“Shannon meets the deadlines she gives you, she immediately responds to communications or questions, and she sincerely takes a personal interest in the authors she works with. Shannon is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone, no matter the book genre.”

– T.N. Carpenter, author of Along the Way to Happily-Ever-After

“Shannon always amazes me; she has wisdom beyond her years. She is always professional, personable and on time with her projects. She delivers what she says she will, when she says she will, and her insights are always in the interest of you producing the most amazing piece of work you can.  She always picks up on inconsistencies and offers great suggestions to make your story better and your book sell. And she does it all for such a reasonable price. She is a star and a gem in the world of editing and book support.

– Sarah Newton, author of Never Mind My Thigh Gap 

“All the fun you’ve built up while writing a book can be offset by the unrewarding activity of promoting it. After wandering in the dark and missing my mark more than once with review requests, I’ve decided to leave these specialized activities to someone who actually knows what they’re doing – Shannon. The results were immediate and long lasting, effectively rendering Shannon into the Advil of book promotion.”

– Sorin Suciu, author of The Scriptlings

 “Shannon’s review service was fantastic.  It’s so hard to find the time to reach out to bloggers for reviews, particularly when a positive response is hard to get. But Shannon has a talent for making connections. I’ve already used the service three times this year. Thanks, Shannon!”

– Raymond Vogel, author of Matter of Resistance

“As an owner of an ad agency, I’m very picky about copy writing. When I hired Shannon to write posts for our flagship website, I gave her minimal instruction and asked her to read up on the subject of our site. After a few minor tweaks to the first couple posts, Shannon dialed it in perfectly. As I read her posts now, it’s as though I’m reading my own copy. She totally gets what we are trying to accomplish, articulates the message well, and hits on all the SEO points that help us drive traffic. I highly recommend Shannon for copy writing and editing services.
David A. Thompson – President, Thompson Advertising, Inc.


“A service that delivered each and every time. Shannon is both professional and reliable – her service is an asset any business could, and should, use.

– Ryan Attard, author of The Legacy Series

“Shannon has experience at the behind-the-scenes work of a virtual book launch, and is diligent at the hard work of soliciting reviewers. She is established in the Indie publishing world and uses her connections to the benefit of her clients. Thanks, Shannon!”

– Jeffrey Allen Mays, author of The Former Hero

Most recent books I've worked with.

Most recent books I’ve worked with.


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