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Surprise! Shannon’s Return to Blogging

Surprise! Shannon’s Return to Blogging Shannon is back. After 32 days, I can no longer stay away. Idling is not my thing. But I collected my thoughts and worries and concerns, and I found a new road I want to take on Wait? There are changes? Yes. There will be changes, but I sincerely… Continue reading Surprise! Shannon’s Return to Blogging

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My Wonderful, Amazing, and Talented Guest Bloggers officially hit 16,000 followers!  These are purple periwinkles from These little flowers will be symbolic in my upcoming novel, Take Me Tomorrow. This picture is also symbolic to how grateful I am to be continuing to grow with everyone. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for growing with me. And thank you… Continue reading My Wonderful, Amazing, and Talented Guest Bloggers


Publishing News: Anthology

Website Update: We hit 9,000 followers today! Thank you 😀 ... Really fast: Giveaway opportunity: is only 8 followers away from hitting 9,000, and I want to celebrate! Once we hit the mark, I'll be hosting a giveaway, and, so far, I have 18 books, but I need as many authors to participate as possible.… Continue reading Publishing News: Anthology


Publishing News: Paperback Contest

Website Update: You can now pre-order Minutes Before Sunset's paperback via Barnes & Noble by clicking here. I'm so excited!   On May 23, I received the first printed copy of Minutes Before Sunset.  Within the next 3-4 weeks, the book will be appearing for sale, which I will announce as it happens. But I am… Continue reading Publishing News: Paperback Contest


Publishing News: I’ve signed with AEC Stellar Publishing!

19 days until Minutes Before Sunset release 😀 Over the past few weeks, AEC Stellar Publishing has worked with me, and now we have partnered to publish Minutes Before Sunset! In other words, I'm a signed author 😀 (And there will be a paperback version available!) So I wanted to share all of the information… Continue reading Publishing News: I’ve signed with AEC Stellar Publishing!