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Movie Mention: Looper

4 Oct

Afternoon, readers!

I saw Looper last night, so I thought I’d give my opinion on this science-fiction thriller.

In the future, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of bodies, so the mob uses loopers–trained assassins that kill and dispose of whomever the mob sends backwards in time. Shockingly Joe, being one of these men, gets his loop closed (when his future self is sent backwards to be killed). But he isn’t the only one. Everyone’s loop is getting closed, and Joe is going to find out why.

As much as I like writing about science-fiction, action, and suspense, I am not a huge fan of watching it on the big screen. (So take my word lightly if you REALLY love movies that are like that–because it’s not really my thing).

I thought it was an AMAZING concept with a lot of potential, but, overall, the movie disappointed me. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis did a great job; however, it was more the second half of the movie that just didn’t click for me. I’m not HUGE on giving spoilers either, so don’t expect me to ruin future movies for you. That being said, I REALLY enjoyed the first half. I thought there were some in-depth perspectives and unique concepts. I suppose my biggest problem I had was that the movie didn’t seem to remain within its own reality the further it continued.

Again, if you love action films (like The Dark Knight Rises for instance) then you’ll love this movie. If you love action films with more conceptualized realities (like Inception) you might be disappointed.

Watch the trailer (or read more about it) here.


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