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Relax & Read: Embrace

1 Oct

Happy October, readers!

As promised on my very first post (which, by the way, I’ve had a WONDERFUL time with all of you since then) here’s my review of Jessica Shirvington’s YA novel, Embrace:

What better way to celebrate the month of October but with the sinister romance of an angel?

Violet Eden, a seventeen-year-old lover of coffee (so I immediately loved her), is about to learn who—or what—she really is. Dealing with her overwhelming crush on heart-throbbing Lincoln, the last thing Violet is expecting is for him to be the one who’s lied about her existence, let alone leave her long enough to depend on her natural enemy. She’s part angel, but she’s also more powerful than her trainer could have possibly imagined. With no explanation, Violet is suddenly submerged in the continuous war of some of the most ancient beings, and she will have to make the most important decisions of her life: including whether or not to plunge off of a cliff in order to fully transition into a Grigori, a part-human, part-angel warrior.

My only complaint wouldn’t necessarily be a complaint at all, because this aspect is sometimes necessary within YA series: Since Embrace is the first novel, there is A LOT of dialogue simply explaining the rules of the worlds and realms of angels. Therefore, I felt like I was sitting in on a lot of conversations rather than action or having explanation mixed into action. However, I still enjoyed the adventure, and number 2 of this series, Entice, just came out last month. (It’s only a matter of time before I pick that one up and continue reading!)

If you are a YA reader, and you really like angels, reward September’s hard work with this novel! You’ll be sure to love it!


Author: Meet Jessica Shirvington

26 Sep

So one of my favorite pastimes is to meet fellow authors. There’s nothing better than going to your local bookstore, grabbing a coffee and a novel, then shaking hands with the person behind the work.

Well, readers, yesterday one of my best friends was able to meet Jessica Shirvington, author of Embrace. Since I was unable to attend, she got this personalized letter from her to me (if only every person in this world was as sweet as my thoughtful friend).

Speaking of which, I am in the process of reading this novel right now! And I’ll be sure to give it my review soon.

Until then,


Jessica Shirvington

My lovely letter from Jessica Shirvington

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