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Eric’s Birthday and Your Birthday

13 Dec

Today is Eric Welborn’s birthday, and since he likes to keep things short, I will, too. But be sure to read – because there’s fun below for both the trilogy and you.

Anyone who is familiar with The Timely Death Trilogy knows that Eric’s 18th birthday is also The Marking of Change – the destined moment that forces Eric to fight the Light’s descendant to the death. Fun fact: his birthday actually takes place on Friday the 13th, so today is truly his day.

Check out Rinmaru Games!

Check out Rinmaru Games!

As a birthday present to him, I let the separated lovers reunite today by creating a fun photo of them using this Rinmaru game. (Check it and create your own characters.)

But I also wanted to give you all a gift – so I found an enjoyable interactive article called, Find Out Which Fictional Character Shares Your Birthday.

Eric Welborn shares his birthday with Sant’ Angelo di Roma from Final Fantasy.

I, on the other hand, share my birthday with Penny Halliwell from Charmed. (I’m a huge Charmed fan, too.)

Who do you share your birthday with? What do you think will happen on Eric’s birthday?

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