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Websites That Helped

3 Dec

Andrew Vogel

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped with the cover reveal of Seconds Before Sunrise (book 2 of The Timely Death Trilogy.) Below you’ll find a list of those helpful bloggers again, along with a little description of what their blog is about, so you can see if you’d like to check them out again. In other cool news, you should see a picture on the right side of this page. Andrew Vogel, the actor who plays Carter Thibodeau in Under The Dome On CBS, is holding Minutes Before Sunset. The cross he is wearing is also jewelry made by my father. Fluente Designs was kind enough to send this to me. Thank you to them!

Also, check out author, Jacinda Buchmann’s blog post, A Year in Review. She’s provided numerous authors (including myself :D) and their novels in a giveaway. But the neat part happens when you read everyone’s favorite holiday memory. Mine involves a husky and waffles.

Write Word Editing: The one-stop resource for your editing, writing, and research projects.

1 Write Way: Official site of Marie Ann Bailey, writer, knitter, stray cat magnet.

akiiKOMORI Reading: See what akiiKOMORI is reading and read her reviews

 Dissertation Gal: Elizabeth Jamison’s daily journal of her Comp/Rhet Dissertation

Love Words And Books: All about books, reviews, interviews, and connecting readers and writers.

Making My Mark: website of author, T.B. Markinson

Fetching Figment: a humor resource, blog for writers

Ky Grabowski: website of author, Ky Grabowski

A Reader’s Review: to read is to escape

Natasha Hanova: blog of author, Natasha Hanova

Endless Reading: book reviews and recommendations

I Read Books: for all of the book fans

Of Musings and Wonderings: a daily life

Author S Smith: blog of author, S. Smith

Press Pause, Fast Forward: book reviews

A Daily Dose of Katsy: design, dine, do, dream, dash, dazzle

The Fine Print: Sam and Rachel: reviewing and writing

Shelly’s Book Corner: book news, reviews, etc.

Taking on a World of Words: aspiring writer

Coffee Shop Reader: Talking about books we all want to live in.

Dan Thompson: author, blogger, avid reader

Note to Selph Book Reviews: book reviews, obsession with YA books and paranormal fantasies, and more.

S.L. StacyThe Urge to Write: blog of author, S.L. Stacy

Why I Can’t Stop Reading: all my amazing reads – and some not so amazing

The Novel List: books, book events, gadgets, reviews, and updates.

Alexis Allinson: creator of “The Darkness Rising” novels

The Other Side of Paradise: great news by Ayesha Charlton

Confessions of a Book Whore: The Biblio files

The Noif Matrix: official website of author, Tuan Ho  

I’m a Book Shark: book reviews, giveaways, editing.

The Legends of Windemere: book series by Charles Edward Yallowitz

A Ponderance of Things: writing, authors, writing prompts

Ennlee’s Reading Corner: books, books, and more books.

I Am Kelli Beck: fiction by Beck and recommended fiction

Little Ballad of Life: anything and everything: books, music, travel.

Stephanie’s Book Reviews: book reviews

Harper’s Happenings: blog of author Jewel Harper

So Many Books, So Little Time: book reviews

Amber Skye Forbes: blog of author, Amber Skye Forbes

Ms. ME28 Reviews: book reviews

Jacinda Buchmann: blog of author, Jacinda Buchmann

The Examiner: all kinds of delightful information!

Romance Bookworm’s Reviews: romance book reviews

Love Words And Books: keep reading, keep dreaming

Ken Thinks Aloud: life in Bangladesh as a British teacher and writer         

YA Book Nook: your YA book and movie fix         

Cassandra Lost in Books: all things books

Thank you for checking out these wonderful websites.

On December 1, a winner was declared for the 10,000 likes giveaway. Congrats to them, and I look forward to continuing December with excitement!


One of my “Highs” as an Author

14 Oct

When I finished my last post, I received so many heartfelt comments, and I want to first thank those fellow writers and readers for their kindness and support when it comes to one another’s difficulties being an artist. I am, once again, reminded of how influential and inspiring the WordPress community can be. Thank you.

Now, as I looked back on my post, I knew I had to do a followup post about my “highs” because I didn’t want to only concentrate on the negative. I wanted to show how exciting and uplifting being an artist can be. So I’m going to share three exciting events that happened to me this week and how they made me feel–with all of the emotions that came with them.

Minutes Before Sunset will officially be in a store.

That’s right. Fluente Designs, an upcoming store in Tullahoma, Tennessee, will have all of the AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. novels on their shelves. The photo below are the books that will be shelved. This is an amazing feeling as an author. I have to admit that I’m beyond excited for this. The owner has also agreed to an interview (so look out for that) and I’m looking forward to be able to share another artist with everyone. I also think it’s natural for me to also feel nervous about this. This moment feels like Minutes Before Sunset is creeping up, spreading out, and reaching more readers that I couldn’t reach without Fluente Designs‘ support. A big thank you goes out to Fluente Designs. Who knows? Maybe more stores will follow their lead. That would be breathtaking.

AEC Stellar's FB cover photo

AEC Stellar’s FB cover photo

My Stats Spiked

Minutes Before Sunset had the biggest spike in Amazon sales since the release in May. It was #9,308 in the Kindle Store, but it also hit #649 in Fantasy and and #407 in Romance/Paranormal, which I thought was awesome, because they are such competitive categories.

romanpara407 2

Although I’m truly happy this happened, I have to admit I have always tried to never pay attention to stats. I think they can bring people down a lot (because it’s much easier to go down than to go back up) so I’m simply trying to enjoy the moment while it lasts and hope that I can continue to see my novel get into more hands to entertain them. That being said, there’s a confusing emotion that comes with wanting to enjoy the moment and knowing you can’t stare at it forever (or even for the few days it lasts for.) So I patted myself on the back, smiled, and continued to look away from my stats, knowing it’s better to focus on my love for writing than seeing numbers rise, even though I am thankful for it. (Seriously thankful for it.)

Twitter Encounters 

I’m not sure why or how, but I logged onto my Twitter, checked my messages, looked at my interactions, and froze when I saw this:  T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, quoted me on his page.


Following that, Shawne Duperon, 6-time Emmy winner and founder of Project Forgive also retweeted the quote and tweeted to me.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.41.24 AM

Again, I have no idea how they got this quote. (It’s from November Snow, my first published novel.) But I can admit that seeing them on my Twitter Interactions made me rub my eyes like I’d stayed up too late and stared at my computer a little too long. I actually asked my father to read it to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, which, for the record, I wasn’t. (Whew.) They made my day. Not because they’re celebrities but because they both used that quote as a list of inspiring quotes to encourage people to get up and pursue their dreams, and my ultimate goal is to inspire people to follow their dreams. By using my quote to inspire others, T. Harv Eker and Shawne Duperon gave me an amazing gift without even realizing it: a deeper hope and belief that I can help even more people. And, for that, I thank both of them immensely.

It’s been a strange week for me as an author. I started off feeling down, then I defeated a down, and I was met with numerous 1175490_2091842814335_794178008_n“highs” I could barely believe, let alone comprehend. It’s honestly reminding me a lot of creating plots for stories: a road trip where we know where we start, have a destination in mind, and a few places in-between we think we might visit.  But, this time, I don’t know where I’m going or how / when / if it will end, and these in-between places are making me realize something about my writing career: I’m starting to become more excited about the fact that tomorrow might meet me with a new writing surprise. I guess you could say I’m shifting the gears, enjoying the ride, and seeing where it takes me. All with my cat in the passenger seat.


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