Looking Back on my Pantser Novel

“Are you a pantser or a plotter?” is a common question writers hear. Why? There’s something inherently interesting about how someone turns a blank page into a 350-page novel. Sure, it's easy to say that one word after another leads to a sentence, which eventually becomes a chapter, before those chapters build a book. But there’s so… Continue reading Looking Back on my Pantser Novel


Should You Revise & Resubmit?

Querying can be terrifying. Whether you’re searching for an agent or applying directly to an editor/publisher (or even your own agent), sending your work out there is a nail-biting experience for nearly everyone, including established writers. In fact, most writers will tell you that rejection is a constant part of the publishing process. No matter… Continue reading Should You Revise & Resubmit?


Editing the “Final” Draft

This month, I’m covering my editing process. If you haven’t read the first two steps—My Editing Process Starts in My Writing Process and Editing (Rewriting) the First Draft—then check those out now. Today is the last post about editing, but, as always, feel free to ask questions! We are discussing the “final” draft. The “Final”… Continue reading Editing the “Final” Draft

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My Editing Process Starts in My Writing Process

The other day I asked you all what topic you would most like me to cover, and editing rose to the top, so…I decided to post a month-long series on this topic—mainly because my editing process is as complicated as my writing process, and I want to get as in-depth as possible. So you can… Continue reading My Editing Process Starts in My Writing Process


Editing Tips: Grammarly

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because Bogart would rather I spend time feeding him than editing. ;] No. Really. This sentence defines what my first post in August will be about: editing. Here's to August--another month of writing, reading, and dreaming is ahead of us, and I wanted to begin with a very… Continue reading Editing Tips: Grammarly