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26 Nov

So this Sunday, I checked my favorite site Postsecret.com (read what I said about it here), and I found this little gem:

I think this is FANTASTIC, because it gives me the chance to ask you this question:

Are there any novels, poems, or plays which make you feel closer to someone in or out of your life? Why do they make you feel that way, and how do you think you could incorporate it into your writing?

Reading and writing makes me feel closer to my late mother every time, because we shared a passion for it. However, she loved Star Trek and cheesy romance novels the most. I remember staring at the covers while she read, wishing I could read too. When I write, I try to incorporate that passion.

Your turn!




Website Wonders: PostSecret

21 Oct

Since you’re on the World Wide Web right now, I think it’s safe to assume that you spend some (if not A LOT) of your downtime on the internet. (I know I do.)

I always like suggestions of great websites to visit, whether it’s socializing, reading, inspiration, or learning in general.

Because it’s Sunday, I’d like to share my Sunday ritual websites.


Basically, the concept began when one man—Frank—laid out a bunch of postcards, and he told everyone to anonymously send in their secrets. The surprising results were nothing what he expected.

Instead of plan secrets, artistic postcards full of pictures, words, and heartbreaking revelations arrived—and every Sunday, Frank uploads an array of anonymous secrets people have mailed to him.

Everything from heartbreak, to loving proposals, to confessional habits can be read. Secrets that people have never shared with anyone may break you or make you.

In fact, you may even come across a secret that is actually yours.

Visit PostSecret.com here.

Look up his books here.

And I hope you join me every Sunday to check in with Frank and all of the secrets of this world.

One of the most shocking and emotional secrets I’ve ever seen on this website.


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