February’s Ketchup

First thing is first, you can read my latest interview with Laugh Riot Press via their monthly newsletter, the Laugh Riot Report. We discuss writing tips, publishing tips, and how to market yourself while writing your next book. Read that by clicking here. (You don’t have to sign up to read the interview, but I highly suggest signing up for the Laugh Riot Report. Read more about it by clicking here.) Why should you sign up for this newsletter? Well, once a month, Laugh Riot Press collects 12 extremely helpful articles for writers navigating the self-publishing world. These articles are handpicked as leading information in the industry. I’m a huge fan of LRP…and on top of that awesome deal, they are hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of Workman’s Complication right now. Enter via Rafflecopter here.  


This was one crazy (but short) month! Between radio interviews and book signings, I didn’t have a lot of time to sit down, but it was a wonderful problem to have.

For those of you just now checking in this month, Ketchup actually means “catch up.” At the end of every month, I write these posts describing what goes on behind the scenes at ShannonAThompson.com. Some of the topics I cover include my big moments, top blog posts, my top referrer, #1 SEO term, and more in order to show insights that will hopefully help fellow bloggers see what was popular. I also hope it entertains the readers who want “extras” for this website.

Thank you for being a part of my life this February.

Big Moments:

I had a book signing in Barnes & Noble in Wichita, Kansas during the Romance Author Valentine’s Day Event! It was a blast and a pure joy to share the day with Tamara GranthamCandice GilmerJan Schliesman, and Angi Morgan. I even got to met a few dozen readers, and sitting down with you all is something I will never forget! I hope I can travel further and longer in the future to meet even more of you. Thank you for coming out!

Other than that, I had my first in-studio radio interview at Johnson County Community College. That was pretty crazy! That very day, Bad Bloods went up on Amazon, but the eBook won’t be up for preorder for another month or so. Out of celebration, I gave out the first sneak preview of Bad Bloods to everyone on my newsletter, and I received a lot of emails from you all expressing how much you’re looking forward to my next series! Thank you for your support and kind messages.

#1 Clicked Item was Minutes Before Sunset on Amazon
#1 Clicked Item was Minutes Before Sunset on Amazon

Top Three Blog Posts:

#1 referrer other than search engines was Tumblr
#1 referrer other than search engines was Tumblr

1. No. Reading is Not an Option: As a full-time editor and author, I have come across more and more writers who believe they don’t have to read in order to be a writer. I adamantly disagree, and I stand by my opinion—and Stephen King’s opinion—that you must read A LOT in order to be a writer. So go out there and fall in love with reading again.

2. How I Became a Full-Time Editor: Many of you have asked and I have finally answered. Long story short: I fell into it, but I give out a lot of tips on how you can pursue your dreams of becoming a full-time editor today.

3. Fandoms vs Mobs: I’m really saddened by how much fandom culture has changed. It’s more or less a mob now, rather than an exciting and supportive place for all types of fans to join together. This was my article addressing how we can get supportive again.

Other Blog Posts:

#1 SEO Term was Title Your Novel
#1 SEO Term was Title Your Novel

Choosing a Setting: It’s not that difficult! There are plenty of tools on in the Internet to help you.

Saturdate: Today’s Book Signing, The Infinite Sea, Shameless, and Puppy Chow: I had a book signing in a Barnes & Noble, which was way too much fun. I also read the sequel to a movie adaptation and discussed why sweets are the best.

Why Do You Read: I always talk about why I write, but I rarely talk about why I read.

Saturdate: Signed Books, Cherry Cookies, Everything, Everything, and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles: My weekly update included an opportunity to buy signed books of The Timely Death Trilogy, an awesome 2016 read, and a horror show based off of Lizzie Borden.

Music Muse and Tricks: This post covers how to trick your brain and get inspired by using music as a tool.

Authors I’ve Met Who Inspired Me: I have had the joy of meeting quite a few authors in my life, but I’ll never forget the first three authors who took time out of their day to sit down and talk to me about why I should never give up.

Saturdate: The 5th Wave, The Siren, Radio Interview, & Peanut Butter Cookies: I had a radio interview in a studio, which was pretty neat!

How to Use Real-Life Stories in Your Novel: I tackle an idea that seems black and white but isn’t always. Using real-life stories in your books can come with ethical issues and memory problems.

Website Wonders: A monthly classic



#AmReading Why Do You Read?

Tune in to ECAV Radio interview at 2:00 p.m. (CDT) today for my latest interview! We talked about dinosaurs, book covers, and nightmares. I even read a never-before-read poem! You might get an exclusive sneak peek of upcoming novels too.

Every Monday, I take an old post and I recover it with new thoughts and ideas. Today, it’s all about why we read, rather than why we write. You can read the original post here, but this week, it’s more or less the same since my reasons haven’t changed, but I did expand on those reasons in the second half. I read and I write because I love them, but that love stems from two different life experiences.

I always write about why I write, but I never write about why I read, even though I read more than I write.

At first, the reason seems simple. I read, because I like to; it’s entertainment. But then it gets more complicated. Why reading? Why do I prefer to be entertained by reading rather than by listening to music, watching movies, or something else entirely?

When I really started thinking about it, I realized I started seriously reading at a very young age, and it was generally on the road. My family moved around a lot, especially when I was a kid. As of now, I’ve already moved twelve times, including six states. Between moving, we traveled a lot—mainly because my family was spread across the country, and we drove to make visits. This meant hours–sometimes days–spent in the car with nothing to do…until I started bringing books with me.

This is actually a photo from Barnes & Noble for an upcoming signing you can read about below.
This is actually a photo from Barnes & Noble for an upcoming signing you can read about below.

To this day, I’m pretty blessed to be able to say I don’t get nauseous when I read in cars or airplanes, and I believe I fell in love with books somewhere along those roads. I was traveling in novels while I was traveling the country, and the new characters became my friends as I did so. After that, I would say my reasoning for reading changed, but it depended on what I was picking up. If it were fiction, it might have been to visit a new world. If it were a memoir, it was to understand another, to learn about someone else’s life. If it were poetry, it might be to challenge myself or even to learn about my own life.

I could expand and say I read because I grew up in a reading household. While my brother and father definitely don’t read, my mother was an avid reader, and I wasn’t allowed to watch TV. On rainy days, reading was practically my only option, and my mother always encouraged us to pick out whatever we wanted at the bookstore. I found independence in it. I found exploration and admiration in it. I found myself in it.

Today, I read when I’m relaxing, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m sleepy, when I want to learn something, when I want to be around someone but have no one to see, when I want to be challenged.

Reading has fit into so many aspects of my life it’s impossible to name all of the reasons, but the main reason comes down to love.

I love words.

I love reading.

So why do you read? Has your reasoning changed from when you first started to now?



Come get your books signed on February 13, from 1-3 PM during the Barnes & Noble Valentine’s Day Romance Author Event in Wichita, Kansas at Bradley Fair. Come meet Tamara GranthamCandice GilmerTheresa RomainJan Schliesman, and Angi Morgan! If you haven’t started The Timely Death Trilogy, don’t worry. Minutes Before Sunset, book 1, is free!

Minutes Before Sunset, book 1:

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Seconds Before Sunrisebook 2:

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Death Before Daylightbook 3:

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#SATurdate: The 5th Wave, The Siren, Radio Interview, & Peanut Butter Cookies.

12633552_978628942184287_7779644671236409024_oToday’s Saturdate post covers two weeks, so it’s going to be longer than usual. That being said, it was an exciting two weeks! I had my first in-studio radio interview at Johnson County Community College, and the host was super sweet! I can’t wait for you all to hear the interview, so be sure to tune in to ECAV Radio interview at 2:00 p.m. CDT this Monday! I even read a poem on air. (And you’ll get to hear more about my upcoming novels.) There might even be discussions about dinosaurs, nightmares, and The Tomo Trilogy.

What I’m Writing:

I am 25,000 words into Take Me Yesterday! If you want some fun clues as to what you will see in the sequel, watch this music video!

What I’m Publishing:

I wrote the dedication and acknowledgements for both Bad Bloods books this week, and I turned in my keyword optimization for The Timely Death Trilogy. (Now I have to work on keyword optimization for the Bad Bloods launch.) CTP’s awesome and lovely designer is also helping me create a banner for Penned Con St. Louis! Two #1lineWed previews are here.

One week’s theme was sun: Both women giggled like sunshine lived inside of them.

One week’s theme was comfort: He held me to keep me warm, and I held him to comfort his tears.

Add Bad Bloods to Goodreads: November Rain and November Snow

Visit the Facebook, Pinterest, and the Extras page.

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

What I’m Reading:

booksI began The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. This is the sequel to The 5th Wave, and I’ve actually been wanting to read it FOREVER. (I mean, I bought the book 33 weeks ago, according to my Instagram). But I was holding off until I saw the movie of the first one. I didn’t want to confuse the two stories when I saw the film, so I’ve been patiently waiting. Now that I saw the movie, I am diving right in.

I began and finished The Siren by Kiera Cass. I am a fan of the Selection series, so I enjoyed this novel, but not as much as her other works. Still, I thought this story’s mythology about the creation of sirens and why they must sacrifice human was fascinating, and I enjoyed the interaction with the numerous sirens and the Ocean. That being said, the protagonist’s melodramatics and depression was a bit too much for me, and I ultimately thought the insta-love took away from the awesome girls. Still well worth the read though. Recommended to Cass fans, readers of mythology—mermaids, sirens, and ocean creatures/gods in general—and light romance readers. You can read my four-star review here.

I finished Splintered by A.G. Howard, and I can definitely tell you that you will LOVE this book if you’re into dark, twisted fairy tale retellings….and bad boys with fedoras. Seriously. Check it out. You can read my five-star review by clicking here. Favorite Quote: Sometimes a flame must level a forest to ash before new growth can begin.

I finished Wait Till I’m Dead by Allen Ginsberg, and I feel very fortunate to read his uncollected poetry now. Ginsberg is tragic, alluring, and maddening. I definitely recommend him to anyone interested in poetry about politics, mortality, humanity, and sex/drugs. From my favorite—Amnesiac Thirst For Fame—to one about my hometown—Entering Kansas City High, I found this now-collection refreshing yet remarkably the same in regards to brutal social and political discussions and debates. Mixed between it all is a growing narrative of Ginsberg’s failing health, and reading from the beginning to the end becomes an emotional journey through this influential poet’s life. I appreciated the notes at the end, and definitely recommended flipping back and forth between the editor’s comments and the poems. The last two poems about Carl Solomon had me in tears. Read my five-star review here.

What I’m Listening To:

Gin Wigmore radio really helps energize sweeping the office floor.

What I’m Watching:

would-you-survive-to-the-5th-wave-616091I saw The 5th Wave movie, mainly because I’m a HUGE fan of the novel and of Chloe Grace Moretz. I still feel very conflicted about the movie adaptation, (and that’s pretty rare for me), but I think I feel this way because they changed a lot of the centralized aspects of what made the novel great. Ex. Ben figuring out a huge chuck of the mystery rather than Ringer. That being said, I’d see it again and consider the sequel too. If you want an entertaining, light romantic story with sci-fi military subplots, watch the movie. If you want a heart-wrenching sci-fi survival story focused on family relationships with romance subplots, read the book.

I also binge-watched the anime My Little Monster. I love it. I find it both incredibly uncomfortable and awkwardly delightful, which is probably why I love it. The show manages to have some unhealthy topics without making the characters seem any less human or likable. That is a tough feat to accomplish.


What I’m Baking, Making, and Drinking:

12647502_977794592267722_8606210293200065843_nI just can’t stop baking. I HAD to make peanut butter cookies in the middle of the night, yet I didn’t have eggs. I found an eggless peanut butter cookies recipe, and I made it, and while they were definitely delicious, eggs tends to hold cookies together, so they basically crumble apart really quickly. No worries. I ate them fast.

I made meatloaf out of venison, which was awesome. I actually enjoy venison a lot. I mean, I come from a hunter family, but this is the first year I’ve started cooking it (rather than just getting jerky or something premade), and it’s been a fun learning experience.

What I’m Wearing:

Blue and white polka dots. Why? (Wrong question.) Why not?

What I’m Wanting:

The Magic Tree House movies! I literally cannot wait.

What I’m Dreaming Of:

Everyone in the world lost their eyebrows, and somehow, this made everyone age 10x faster than they used to. One person theorized that everyone was aging, because we were all hunching over trying to find our eyebrows on the floor, and being hunched over tricked our brains into thinking we were old, so we became old. (There are so many things wrong with this dream, I can’t even begin.)

My second dream, since I’m covering two weeks, was about a girl who is visiting her sister at the hospital when a crazed patient escapes their holding block and stabs this girl with a needle. The older sister is in a panic, because it was called the Lotus Virus, and it basically kills you right away. In perfect Hollywood cheese, it starts with blood coming out of your nose and gums. Sure enough, this girl started to deteriorate, but instead of the older sister being a responsible doctor and keeping the younger one locked up, she takes her little sister home where she can die in peace…except the younger sister refuses to believe she is dying, and she escapes while her older sister is showering. She steals their mom’s car and drives to her girlfriend’s house and they speed around like a diseased Thelma and Louise duo until they crash off a cliff only to get stuck in the trees. The girlfriend dies (pretty gruesomely if I must say) but the main diseased one survives (of course), and makes her way home where her older sister is now dying from the disease too. That was it. No conclusion. Just diseases and death.

What Else Is Going On:

My family. My sister-in-law, my brother, and my dad.

It was my dad’s 60th birthday! I saw him, my brother, my sister-in-law, my uncle, and my aunt to celebrate for it, so that was pretty cool. Time really flies. In other news, I had a mouse episode at my house. At the time, I was TRYING to sleep, but I was woken up by the chaos that was my three cats. I got up to check on them, saw them all by the boots, and walked over, thinking it was a spider. A mouse landed on my foot, I screamed (naturally), and everyone scattered. Kiki caught it a couple of times and played with it, but Bogart….Oh, Bogart is evil. He caught it, put one paw on its stomach, and started slapping it’s face with his other paw. Believe it or not, this mouse totally pretended to be dead. It stuck out its tongue and everything. I even picked up Bogart to start cleaning it, but it awoke and ran away, only for Kiki to catch it again. She doesn’t kill it though, so I pick her up and chuck her out the front door, mouse and all, and she loses it mid-flight, and it darts into the bushes, to probably find another way into my house in the future. But it was pretty funny.

I also fell down the stairs this week…which wasn’t so funny. I was running down the stairs to return an email, and slipped. I could’ve thrown my laptop and caught myself, but my laptop is my life, so naturally, I sacrificed my back instead. So goes the instincts of a writer.


12615381_10153339585432060_7462942265427582465_oTune in to ECAV Radio interview at 2:00 p.m. this Monday for my latest interview! We talked about dinosaurs, book covers, and nightmares. I even read a never-before-read poem!

On a side note, thank you for continuing to attend #AuthorinaCoffeeShop every Friday at 7 p.m. CDT on Twitter via @AuthorSAT! I really enjoy talking with you all and having fun by pointing out all the little nuances people have that can make great characters in books. I hope to see you next week!

Come get your books signed on February 13, from 1-3 PM during the Barnes & Noble Valentine’s Day Romance Author Event in Wichita, Kansas at Bradley Fair. Come meet Tamara GranthamCandice GilmerTheresa RomainJan Schliesman, and Angi Morgan! If you haven’t started The Timely Death Trilogy, don’t worry. Minutes Before Sunset, book 1, is free!

Minutes Before Sunset, book 1:

AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooksKoboGoodreads

Seconds Before Sunrisebook 2:

AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooksKoboGoodreads

Death Before Daylightbook 3:

AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooksKoboGoodreads


Guest Blogger · Miscellaneous

The Unconventional Working Habits of Brilliant Writers

Today is another fantastic post written by Ninja Essays. Shannon is taking a slight break, but I have a lot of announcements today that I hope you check out, including news about a radio interview, a reality T.V. show, and book bloggers.

On October 15, Whispers in the Dark radio will be hosting a LIVE interview from 8 – 9 p.m. (CDT). I hope you all listen in. We’ll be talking about Take Me Tomorrow and so much more. So click here to check out the radio’s page, and tune in tomorrow night.

I also have an array of wonderful people I want to thank today.

The first shout out goes to The Big Break Legacy, a reality T.V. show, for quoting Seconds Before Sunrise! Thank you for your support! The second goes out to Deborah Wong for nominating ShannonAThompson.com for the One Lovely Blog Award. I nominated Tune-In-NanaAj, So She Says, Fraser Sherman’s Blog, Author Dana Ellington Myles, and thedailyopine. Last but definitely not least, I have three fantastic book bloggers who reviewed Take Me Tomorrow the past 48 hours. (Please click the blog names to visit their full reviews and websites):

Southern Bred, Southern Read brought out the giggling author in me when they wrote, ” I personally would love to run into Noah anywhere… whoosh ya boy sounds dirty hot! He makes my cheeks blush and my eyebrows wiggle. *pulls out paper fan and cools off in true southern fashion*” But don’t worry. They got into the dangerous part in their review, so check it out!

The Book Spa spoke about the “refreshing take on the Dystopian genre…It has an interesting plot, is well written and is action packed.” And so is their review!

The latest review was written by The Incorrigible Reader, and she wrote, “If you are looking for an exciting story (and maybe a little romance)Take Me Tomorrow is an exciting read that I would highly recommend it.” Find out why in her full review!

Thank you to all of these wonderful people!

Unusual_work_habits_of_great_writersThe Unconventional Working Habits of Brilliant Writers

Creative geniuses are never linked to the ordinary habits normal people have. Their minds, their lifestyle and approach to work are completely different from what we would expect. Some of the world’s greatest writers had working routines that fell within our understanding of “normal”, but others had an approach that deviates from the picture we imagine when reading their novels.

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway wrote his lengthy novels while standing up? Maybe we should all try that sometimes and see if our minds would come close to being as genius as his. How would you imagine George Bernard Shaw working on his novels, plays and short stories? Vladimir Nabokov, Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Vladimir Nabokov had unusual approach to their work as well.

The belief of a “tormented genius” is more than a deviation from normality; it’s a state that has been reflected in the work and lifestyle of creative masterminds from the beginning of time. Great intelligence and creativity cannot be tamed within the boundaries of “normal”.

The following infographic created by NinjaEssays reveals the working strategies of some of the most brilliant writers throughout history. This information surely puts their work into a new perspective. 


Radio Interview: Back Porch Writer

This is my first post in the middle of the afternoon, but I just had to share my radio interview from this morning. Special thanks to Kori at Back Porch Writer for taking the time to interview me:

Listen to it here.

Via Back Porch Writer
Via Back Porch Writer



Writing Competition & Giveaway!

Please like my Facebook page!
Please like my Facebook page!

First: I’m going to be doing my first LIVE radio interview on August 20 at 9:30 a.m. (CDT.) Join us at Back Porch WriterI will also post a link to it afterwards if you’d like to listen to it later.

If you follow me on my Facebook page then you already know that I received three copies of the new edition of Minutes Before Sunset. And I was so excited! (Still am) They are beautiful. The coloring is just as I’d always imagined, front and back, and the wording has been delicately refined. On top of that, there’s only one extra page (because of the changed language) so you don’t have to worry about a much longer or shorter novel. The new edition means so much to me that I haven’t been able to put it down since, which is how I got my idea.

The new edition is on the left; the first edition is on the right. Sorry about the glare!
The new edition is on the left; the first edition is on the right. Sorry about the glare!

It’s already for sale for only $12 through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, etc. But I wanted to celebrate by giving three SIGNED new editions away to my talented readers. That’s right. Talented–not just lucky. I wanted to do my first giveaway that celebrates the talent of all of the writers I’ve met through this blog. So if you write–you’re eligible, and there’s more to win than just Minutes Before Sunset.

Check it out:

Now, this is a different kind of a writing challenge: I don’t want an entire story. I don’t want a single line. What I am looking for is an excerpt (no longer than 10 pages) and I want to see beautiful prose. There’s only one twist.

Do you have favorite quotes from a novel–those words that just stuck out from the page and made you think? I want to see that. I want to be reading along and see a life lesson hanging on the sentence but blending in to the descriptions. (You’re even welcome to bold it.)

Not only will you win a free signed copy of the new edition of Minutes Before Sunset, but you (and your book/websites) will be featured on ShannonAThompson.com in an upcoming future post, which we will discuss over email, so it won’t be spoiled for everyone else!

Okay. So one last time:

  1. Pick out an excerpt of your writing–no more than 10 pages. Also include genre and brief synopsis.
  2. Bold your life lesson line (or a quote you think readers will attach themselves to)
  3. Send it to shannonathompson@aol.com with the subject “Giveaway” before August 26. 

I will announce the winners on September 2, and, hopefully, have that post up the next time (as well as your prizes shipped to you.)

So what are you waiting for? Email me with those delightful entries! I accept all genres 😀


Announced posts to look forward to:

August 21: Back Porch Writer (Radio Interview)

August 22: A Matter of Resistance: Release Party!

August 26: Competition Closes

September 2: Winners

September 25: One Year Anniversary