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How I Use Social Media as an Author

Social media is generally seen as a must-have nowadays for creatives. Some writers love it. Others hate it. I find most fall somewhere in between. Which is why I wanted to talk about it.  Being online can certainly come with its pros and cons. I have days where I love the connections I make and the information… Continue reading How I Use Social Media as an Author


#WW: The Lonely Writer

#WW: The Lonely Writer Writing can be lonely. The career often demands hours of solitude – aside from our characters – and while our characters can be very real to us, there are still those days where a living, breathing human being might be nice to talk to. Most of the time, this urge only… Continue reading #WW: The Lonely Writer


The Please-Help-Shannon Poll

Announcements: Special thanks goes out to Omar Bula Escobar - former UN representative and author of "El Plan Maestro" - for translating and sharing a quote from Minutes Before Sunset yesterday on his website! In my latest interview, I was asked if I have a message for my fans, and I do! Click here to read… Continue reading The Please-Help-Shannon Poll