Inspirational Meet: Grace Griffin

As some of my regulars probably already noticed, I have a new photo for my site, and I am very excited to share the inspiring photographer behind the camera. Grace Griffin, the photographer, is an amazing woman—she’s found her passion and is following her dreams at the age of 21. As you will read in this interview, Grace’s daughter, Autumn, unfortunately passed away from SIDS (And you can donate to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) with the link at the bottom of this page), yet she’s turned tragedy into art, and I think her way of living—her life, passion, and art—is inspiration for all of us to live our lives fully and explore the art of passion and understanding.

Without further ado:

Tell me about yourself. What’s your passion, how old are you, and at what age did you find your passion or decide to stick with it?
 Was there a turning point where you knew this was your passion?

I am 21. I have a lot of passions, really, narrowing them down is difficult. I have loved reading and writing (poetry and novels) since I learned to at age three, but the love of photography has been rapidly growing since last year. I always loved talking pictures; I get that love from my dad, I think, who has been at it for a long time. But when my daughter died last September, I just sort of threw myself into it. At first it was to keep myself busy… I had no idea how therapeutic this art form would be.

What are daily things in your life that you do in order to bring your passion out and inspire yourself?

 I take the time to really look at things. People, animals, plants. I like to think of different ways they could be viewed not only by myself, but by others. 
I also never reject anything I feel. No one can really push emotions away. I don’t try. I use my emotions to create art. Be it a picture that draws a smile, or a poem that draws a tear. Emotion is my fuel, really.

What inspires you?

Everything. People, mostly. Relationships, love, anger. All of these things are so beautiful. 
Autumn is my favorite season (a reason why that was my daughter’s name) and it is highly inspirational to me. Even the smell gives me a high.

Finally, what would you say to someone else that would encourage them to follow their dreams, especially at a young age?

You can’t make everyone happy. You can only make yourself happy. If you spend your whole life living it for someone else, it isn’t really yours. As far as we know, this life is all we have. Find out what it is you want, and don’t stop until you get it. Don’t regret, learn. Don’t hope, make it happen.


Visit Grace’s photography page, Autumn Fog Photography, here.

 Donate to SIDS here.


7 thoughts on “Inspirational Meet: Grace Griffin

  1. “I use my emotions to create art. Be it a picture that draws a smile, or a poem that draws a tear. Emotion is my fuel, really.” best part of the interview for me, and your new photo is very lovely, she will be a great photographer.

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