Music Muse: Florence And The Machine

So I was gifted the Florence And The Machine album, “Ceremonials,” and I haven’t stopped playing it.

Mary Leontine Welch’s vocal spectrum is astounding, and her sound stretches over emotional boundaries, eloquent sounds, and subtle rhythms. The album is quite beautiful, and I recommend it for anyone who liked “The Dog Days Are Over” or bands like Mumford and Sons or Gotye. 220px-Ceremonials

Personally, I loved “Seven Devils” and “Lover to Lover” the most.

Official Website here.

Check out “Ceremonials” here.


11 thoughts on “Music Muse: Florence And The Machine

  1. I discovered Florence and the Machine through Spotify and am thankful. I am also always looking for a novel (I drift toward non-fiction) and palatable poetry (yes, that is the definition of subjective) so I look forward to your suggestions.

  2. Florence is well liked over here in the UK – headlining many festivals. I was actually a little disappointed with this album (although i did really like Shake it Out). I’d have to say i prefer her first album Lungs.

  3. Looove Florence! I was just listening to her earlier while on wordpress, prety much my favorite singer around today

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