SS: Dragon Speak

Watch my video to begin this post via this link: Dragon Dictate for Mac. If the link doesn’t work, or you don’t want to watch the video, what I said is typed below, so enjoy my review of Dragon Speak! (And work with me, because I’m technologically challenged, and I had to get Dragon Speak, Photo Booth, and Microsoft synced.)

Photo on 12-28-12 at 12.56 AM #3
Using Dragon Dictate.

“Hey, everyone! It’s Shannon.

I was just making this video (for the first time, so you get to hear my voice) to review Dragon Dictate for Mac, which is a voice recognition software, in which it turns your voice and what you have to say into text for you.

So far, although the download took me a long time, I’ve really enjoyed the product. I found it very effective, and it works with most accents. My dad also used it, and it works really well. I haven’t, however, used the punctuation aspect, so I will be editing the text (which is below) I’ve added so you can read along and see how it does, and I will review once I get used to the punctuation aspect of this product.nc_025638

So far, I think it’s great. I think it’s very effective. I’m really glad I got this product, and I’m hoping to show it to my friends, so they can also use it for essays in school or personal writing like I’m going to use it for.

I also wanted to thank you all so much for following me on Twitter, my blog, sending me emails, and supporting my dream as much as I’m trying to support everybody else’s.

I think passion is very important. It is wonderful to share an English-based passion or reading-based passion—writing, art, anything—with anyone in this world, because I think the point of living is passion and celebrating your passion but also supporting other people’s passions, so thank you very much, sincerely, that you’ve helped me with mine, because you guys keep me going every day, and I love sharing these things with you.

I will be sharing more of Dragon Dictate and other products as I come across them, and I hope you guys are having a great holiday. I hope whatever you celebrate—Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza—that it’s going great, that your family is healthy and well, that your pets are happy and spoiled, and your kids are just the same, and, you know, maybe you also got Dragon Dictate.

Let me know how you’re using it. If there’s any shortcuts that don’t know about, I’d really appreciate it—so happy holidays, happy new year, and I’ll be sure to make a new video in the future, so—

Thanks! Bye!”


Visit Dragon Speak website here.

14 thoughts on “SS: Dragon Speak

    1. I added the punctuation, because you actually have to say “period” for a “.”
      And, yes, you have to read a paragraph or two to calibrate it with your voice. The more you read, the better it understands your way of speaking.

  1. I’ve heard of this, but I really hate hearing myself speak or read my novels so it wouldn’t work for me. I also find that if I try to speak it instead of type or write it, I lose my train of thought. I wish you the best success with it, though.

  2. I have the Dragon App on my iPad. We actually use it with some of our disabled students who don’t have good fine motor skills for writing. They dictate what they want to write so they can fluidly express their thoughts. It’s awesome for these kids.

  3. I’d love to get that sometime. I always write better in my head, so I feel if I could speak into something, straight from my head, rather then typing it, I get better quality material.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. I bought a copy of it a couple years ago, and still haven’t tried it out for whatever reason. Windows 7’s built-in dictation and command functions are actually pretty competent, which probably encouraged my laziness. (>^-‘)> If the only thing you had to edit with that speech was the punctuation, though, consider me duly impressed!

  5. Very interesting. I got accustomed to hearing my voice during my journalism years, but I also like that tapping sound my keyboard makes, but on a tight deadline, this could be really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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