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Movie Mention: Night Watch

I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thriller. Hence why I write that genre. In fact, one of the reviews for “November Snow” says,

This book was amazing. This book built up so much suspense, I couldn’t put it down. It is a mix of Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, and Romance novels all in one. Great book for anyone. (William, Kindle Edition, 5 Stars)

Because I LOVE these genres, I strive to explore them in all types of art. I encourage other writers to do the same. Watch movies, listen to their soundtracks for music inspiration, and read novels, old and new. Today, I’m giving an example of expanding your palate by watching foreign films within the genre you enjoy. 220px-Night_Watch_(2004_film)_theatrical_poster

Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor) is a great Russian (English Subtitled) Action, Fantasy, Thriller movie to switch your inspiration up. Set in modern-day Moscow, Anton is stuck between the Dark and the Light when the Great Ones are discovered, threatening the apocalypse if they ever meet.

Or as Geser says, 

And so it will be, until a man emerges who is meant to become the Great One. And, if he chooses the side of Light, then Light will win. But, those, to whom the truth has been revealed, say that he will choose Darkness. For it is easier to kill the Light within oneself, than to scatter the Darkness around… The prophecies are coming true.

My friend and I found it on Amazon Prime, but you can rent it, and I’m sure it’s on sites such as Netflix.

Check it out (Or, if you like other genres, I really encourage you to try a foreign film in your genre to see differences, inspiration, and techniques that you can form into your own creations.)


6 thoughts on “Movie Mention: Night Watch

  1. I loved the book – did you know there is a whole series (or at least a trilogy)? I think I read the 2nd one and got tired of waiting for the 3rd to be translated into English (I think the author is Russian). The movie was good, but not *quite* as good as the book. It deviated a bit from the source material if I recall, and left some things out that you’d only understand if you read the books.

  2. Great book! Great movie!
    There are some differences between them, but both are still great.
    The second book, “Day Watch,” is great as well, but totally different than the movie.
    The two movies are pretty much the first book (it’s in two parts).
    I love the whole “good vs. evil” thing, yet good does evil things to try and defeat evil. While evil does what evil wills.
    It’s asks some pretty deep moral questions.
    I wanna go watch the movies again now 🙂

  3. I liked this movie, though I had a feeling it was a little bit disjointed. Dunno why. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t found time on my reading schedule to read the book, though I definitely plan to.

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