Twitter Thanks

So today is all about Twitter and all of my followers that I wanted to thank. Many of you who support me on here already support me there, but if you’d like to connect, my account is @ShanAshleeT23, and I’d love to see you over there.

But first, I wanted to share one more thing. As you guys know, I’ve taken a position at AEC Stellar Publishing, but I forgot to share this hilarious blurb from the website’s “The Team” page: (If you follow my Facebook page, then you already know I’m a wizard)


Definitely enjoying this great moment to join the company as their Social Marketing Wizard. :] And thank you to all of your congratulations. It means a lot.

But, without further ado, I’d love for you to check out these wonderful tweeting people who have great pages, and I wanted to thank them for their support. (I’ve added pictures from quotes)

Quotes That Inspire: New York


Genome Envy: Writer, Fiction, Poetry


Mountain Poet: Art is the language of souls


Mark Gargett: Here for Everyone and Anyone


Michael Noll: Read to Write Stories


Grief Speaks: Consulting on grief and loss in the lives of children, teens and adults.


I’m sorry for keeping the post so short, but I’ve been really busy adjusting back to school, and I promise I will be posting writing tips next time! Thank you for understanding.


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