Took Me Yesterday is here!

Took Me Yesterday, book 2 of The Tomo Trilogy, is finally here.

I feel like I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops for weeks now. And honestly, I should’ve been able to give this to y’all years ago. For those of you who don’t know, Take Me Tomorrow was originally published in 2014 by AEC Stellar Publishing, but was taken off the market less than three months later when the publisher unexpectedly closed. I spent a long, long time trying to find another home, but alas, publishers aren’t very keen on previously published pieces, which I totally get. Hence why I went back to the Tomo trilogy’s original home: Wattpad.

So many of you have waited literal years for an update on this series, and I hope the wait is worth it. Truly. Thank you for your continuous questions about this series, the encouraging the emails, the reviews, the love. It really pushed me to make this happen in any way that I could. I also know a lot of you have already been asking about paperbacks. Right now, I am only posting this book on Wattpad, but if there are ever paperbacks available, know that I’ll announce it and reach out to you. Also, if you haven’t read book 1, there are spoilers in book 2’s description. 😉

Happy reading!


Ebook - Took Me YesterdayTwo months have passed since Noah Tomery escaped the Topeka Region, and Sophia Gray is alone. Lily is under house arrest, Miles is missing, and her father is absent at best. Worst of all, her best friend Broden is up for execution for his crimes.

With the government watching her every move, Sophia does her best to survive. And she’s done pretty well—until now. On the night of Broden’s execution, she cannot stand to be alone, and she risks everything to meet up with Lily to watch his death together. Only, he doesn’t die. He escapes. And the State will not let him go. Sophia knows she’s next.

Forced to flee the only home she’s ever known, Sophia crosses cities ravaged by the drug war with Lily and her loyal dog Argos in tow. When tomo loyalists promise to deliver them safely to the Raleigh Region, where the Tomerys live, it soon becomes obvious that some have other plans for Sophia’s life.

Sophia has to come face to face with what, exactly, the clairvoyant drug does, and how her childhood binds her to tomorrow—and yesterday. But first, she must navigate the tomo empire itself, including its leader: Noah’s father.

Not everyone will survive.

Read Chapter One: I Could Not Promise

I will post a new chapter every Saturday, with the exception of the first Saturday of the month, which is dedicated to blog posts like this one. Soon after, I hope to post Never Taken, book 3, as well.

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