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#MondayBlogs Writing Tips: Different Perspectives

I love writing from different perspectives. Both my YA series—The Timely Death Trilogy and Bad Bloods—are written in first POV but from two different speakers. I love using this technique for novel writing, because I enjoy first person, but I dislike how it restricts the storytelling to one character, especially when a scene would be… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Writing Tips: Different Perspectives

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#MondayBlogs: Guest Post Showing VS Telling

Intro: I am very excited about today’s guest blogger. Since recently signing with Clean Teen Publishing, it has been an absolute delight getting to know my new family, and so, I am introducing one of those wonderfully supportive and talented authors, Jennifer Anne Davis. She is sharing fantastic writing advice about the well-known writing tip… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: Guest Post Showing VS Telling

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Guest Post: Top Productivity Tools All Writers Should Know About

Shannon, here, for a quick introduction. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Robert Morris from Ninja Essays. He wanted me to see the info graph Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors, and I am beyond grateful that he showed it to me. It is amazing. Seriously. Check it out by clicking here. But… Continue reading Guest Post: Top Productivity Tools All Writers Should Know About

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Writing Tips: Lovers

Writing Tips: Lovers Read my latest interview by clicking here. I talk about fellow Indie authors who’ve inspired me, Take Me Tomorrow, and so much more! … The protagonist lover characters seem to follow these molds: Gorgeous, mysterious, heart-striken male who cannot communicate his feelings until death is threatening separation, because of some past that… Continue reading Writing Tips: Lovers


Writing Tips: The Five Senses

Special thanks goes out to actress, director, and dancer, Gracie Dzienny, for quoting my first novel, November Snow, on her Twitter. She is known for her work on Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas and multiple shows on AwesomenessTV. Visit her YouTube channel by clicking here.   "This is a story of forbidden love, hidden love, and a war of… Continue reading Writing Tips: The Five Senses

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Editing Tips: Word Count

Word count matters. As writers,we've all heard this. Although there are exceptions, this rule is especially true for beginning writers applying to publishers. Because of this, I thought I'd talk about it today since I know many of my readers are looking at publications opportunities. 1. Target Audience: This is a big one, because it often… Continue reading Editing Tips: Word Count


Writing Tips: Mother’s Day & Childhood Inspiration

Now, I have to admit that I'm unsure if this qualifies as "writing tips" or not, but I can't seem to think of another way to explain it other than to explain recent events in my life and how I got to this decision to post about this. On Friday night, I was driving home… Continue reading Writing Tips: Mother’s Day & Childhood Inspiration

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Publishing Tips: Marketing Your Book

Website Update: April 22: 8:00 a.m.: Shannon A Thompson Facebook Fan Page hit 200 likes today! Thank you 😀 10 days before the Minutes Before Sunset release (AEC Stellar Publishing) !  I know many of you are fellow authors or are working to become one, so I thought I'd dedicate today's post to bringing attention… Continue reading Publishing Tips: Marketing Your Book

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Writing Tips: Different Perspectives

On March 17th post: News: Submissions Closing and Minutes Before Sunset Info one of my followers, rolark, asked “I’m trying out writing from more than one perspective right now (it’s my first time!), and was wondering if you had any advice?” And I do! As many of you know, November Snow is told from two… Continue reading Writing Tips: Different Perspectives