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Why Are Authors “Hating” On One Another?

21 Sep

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There are many authors and writers out there, sharing their works with the world, whether it be through books, blogging, or another form of communication. But I’ve come across many who astound me—and these people are preaching hate at one another. This post is my attempt to bring light to why this needs to stop.

Although there are many kinds of publishing, I’m focusing on the three main ones I often see verbally assaulted. 

  1. Traditional
  2. Small Press
  3. Self-Publishing

Unfortunately, I’ve seen hate from all sides, and I’m sure most authors have. 

I’ve seen hate from traditionally published authors, generally saying anyone else is not “good enough” for bigger publishers. Ironically, a lot of these authors have admitted to previously knowing someone in the industry. Even worse, they don’t seem to consider many authors aren’t comfortable with traditional publishing houses monopolizing the market. I’ve seen hate from small press published authors, saying almost the exact same thing about self-published authors. But I also see hate from self-published authors, saying they don’t like traditional publishing houses for the reasons above but also hating on small-press published authors, because they aren’t “capable” at marketing themselves and, therefore, have to rely on someone else by means of payment.

This is ridiculous, and it needs to stop now.

It seems to me that many of these authors have forgotten why we’re all authors in the first place (and, YES, we are ALL authors.) We share the same love of expressing ourselves through words. We love writing, whether it stems from fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or something else entirely. We love words. So why do some use their words to preach words of hate about others who love the same thing?

The most honest explanation I can come up with is insecurity (although I want to clarify that this isn’t the only reason I’ve seen.) Either way, who cares how another author is sharing and publishing their works? Just be happy that they are living their dream and/or chasing after it. Support their decision to bravely share their works of art with the world. It is not your responsibility to decide who is “ready” or “good enough.” Let the reader decide, because, after all, they are the people who are reading our works. You don’t have to support every author out there, but you shouldn’t put down every author out there that isn’t like you. It’s the basic rule to respecting others. You may not respect their work, but you should respect the fact that they are a human being, working hard to follow their dreams—just as you are, no matter what kind of publishing you are in.


Some comments from my Author Facebook page about this topic:

Scott Collins: Anyone willing to spend that much time and energy to put their book to paper deserves support and encouragement.

Nicole Castro: This is why I use the #writingfamily hashtag on Twitter.

Quinten Rhea: Part of our job is to encourage, support, and help promote each other.

Kyle Garret:  I think the book market is perceived as so crowded, especially these days with ebook “shelves” constantly getting more full and fewer lucrative traditional deals going out, that it naturally conditions authors to turn on each other because there’s this perceived idea that only one can “make it”. I don’t agree with it – and think it’s downright odd given how people in similar markets like music, gaming or film treat each other – but it’s my take.

Feel free to discuss your opinion and/or your experiences below, especially if it includes ways we, as a writing community, can prevent this “hate” from continuing any further.


Why I Won’t Give Up

18 Jun
This is my favorite photo of my mother, and I share it on my video.

This is my favorite photo of my mother, and I share it on my video.

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This post was inspired by Ky Grabowski, a writer and reader I mentioned on my last post: Published Paperback & Spotlight Interview. On June 7, 2013, Ky blogged Why I Won’t Give Up, and her story inspired me to share mine. So I shot a video explaining details of my life I haven’t released before, and I’ve added a link below. I’ve also added quotes to give you an idea of what it’s about, but there’s a file to open the text if you prefer to read. It’s four pages long or I would’ve posted it directly onto my site.

Quotes from my “Why I Won’t Give Up” Video:

  • You know every day you’ll have a moment of doubt. Every day. But you’ll also have hours of happiness and encouragement and people who believe in you and people you believe in. And it’s worth it again. It’s always—it’s worth it. Everything is worth it.
  • When I was sitting here and I was looking at this, I was thinking “How many people dream of this?” “How long have I dreamed of this?” “What do I still dream of?” I dream of getting people to this point. I dream of people being able to look at this: their words on a printed page, their name on a binding, their picture on the back of a book. This is what I dream of for others. That’s why I don’t stop.
  • My dream is why I continue. I continue for others. My dream is for others.
When "November Snow" was published, my father surprised me with this gift: the printed cover inside a silver frame.

When “November Snow” was published, my father surprised me with this gift: the printed cover inside a silver frame.

Watch the video by clicking this link or read the text by clicking the file: Video Text

"November Snow" was originally titled "It's Only a Matter of Time" and this is the original burnt file.

“November Snow” was originally titled “It’s Only a Matter of Time” and this is the original burnt file.

Specifically speaking, I talk about my nightmares and night terrors in detail, explaining an in-between place that inspired most of my novels today. I also talk about my mother’s inspiration and how her sudden death effected my life. I share a lot of information about November Snow I haven’t had a chance to talk about before, and I compare those details to being published in the poetry collection dedicated to my late roommate. In the end, I discuss my ultimate goal in life, which isn’t to become a famous author, but rather to open an affordable art school for talented young adult to be able to connect with professionals in their field.

"November Snow" "Poets: a collection of twelve young Kansas poets" & "Minutes Before Sunset." My publications that push me forward to continue chasing the dream.

“November Snow” “Poems: a collection of twelve young Kansas poets” & “Minutes Before Sunset.” My publications that push me forward to continue chasing the dream.

I truly summed up the video compared to the original explanation, but I did this, because I really hope others will share why they won’t give up. Towards the end I said this: “I hope other people analyze their dreams on a deeper level to see if they’re actually dreaming for themselves or if they’re dreaming for another reason entirely.” What I mean by this: we may have the dream to be an author, but what’s beyond that? Even if the answer is to share your words (and themes) with the world, you’re dreams are beyond what I think we might realize on a regular basis.

So take time today. Think about your ultimate goals when it comes to writing (or goals in general) and feel free to share. By sharing this post, I’m hoping to keep this topic going within the writing community. Share your story below or post on another blog altogether. Let’s inspire others together 😀


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