My Favorite Books of 2022

As per tradition, I am back to share my favorite reads of 2022. Before I jump into it, though, I wanted to mention a few caveats.  My original website template retired. (RIP, Bueno. You served me well–and for ten years!) I’m now using Button 2. I might be changing it intermittently as I try to… Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2022


What Going To The Bookstore is Like

It's December...which means cold weather...which means an extra excuse to go into the bookstore when your friends are shopping to...get warm...and get coffee and cookies ::cough cough:: I'll only be five minutes. I promise. I love books, obviously, but I also love going into bookstores just as much. There's just *something* about the entire experience.… Continue reading What Going To The Bookstore is Like


#SATurday: Reviewing Novels as an Author

#SATurday: Reviewing Novels as an Author Back in the day—way back when—Goodreads didn’t exist, and I’m pretty sure (maybe not) Amazon didn’t even have a rating system for books. It was just Barnes & Noble and Borders, but mainly Barnes & Noble for me (R.I.P. Borders). I’m talking about the mid-90s. I used to buy… Continue reading #SATurday: Reviewing Novels as an Author

Writing Tips

#WW Judging An Author’s Life

Judging An Author’s Life Recently—and by “recently” I mean a month ago—I posted this photo on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and . . . well, pretty much anywhere on the Internet that I have an account on. To my surprise, (and still to my confusion), I received a bit a slack for this. It… Continue reading #WW Judging An Author’s Life