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Balancing Writing During the Holidays

Most writers aren't able to write full time. That means we tend to work full time and write full time. Between writing, querying, editing, and marketing, our schedules can quickly feel crushing, especially if you’re working toward a very specific goal, such as a revision deadline. Taking breaks can often make writers feel guilty. But… Continue reading Balancing Writing During the Holidays


#SATurdate: Star Wars, Novel Aesthetics, Antlers, and Florence

First things first, I hope everyone had a great holiday! This girl celebrated with Christmas candies and hours of reading. (I seriously cannot believe it’s almost 2016.) What I’m Writing: I actually fixed some scenes in Take Me Yesterday this week, and I attempted to keep moving forward in it, but it has to take… Continue reading #SATurdate: Star Wars, Novel Aesthetics, Antlers, and Florence


#SATurday: The Secret Garden of Trees

Announcement:  From now on, one lucky winner will receive any eBook under $5.00 from Amazon every month. How? Well, every week, I post a Dark Member of the Week, and out of those members that month, one of them will be chosen for the monthly prize. Basically, the more you participate, the more your name… Continue reading #SATurday: The Secret Garden of Trees


Relax & Read: A Dog Named Christmas

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying the days leading up to Christmas, New Years, or any holiday they celebrate, but today I wanted to share a Christmas novel I have come to appreciate and love.  Greg Kincaid's A Dog Named Christmas is a lovely holiday tale where a young boy named Todd convinces… Continue reading Relax & Read: A Dog Named Christmas