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Shannon Summary: Six Months In

25 Mar

Website Update: March 26: I’ve created an event on Goodreads for Minutes Before Sunset’s release. Join here

On September 25th, My Primary Post was created, and this website was established. Six months later, here I am: all over the world.

World Stats

World Stats

When I first created this website, with the direction of Robin Hoffman, I didn’t know what to expect. I had all kinds of questions: How do I connect? What do I post about? Who will read it? Who will I want to read? Will this go anywhere?

I didn’t know any of the answers, yet, today, I have over 5,000 followers, and I couldn’t be happier with all of the lovely supporters (readers, writers, and dreamers) that I have talked to through this blog. Today–this six month mark–is a mark of celebration! And this celebration is all about you all 😀

My Facebook Author Page is almost to 150 followers too :]

My Facebook Author Page is almost to 150 followers too :]

Below this, I’m posting my top five posts and top five commenters. I’m doing this, because I want you all to see what has driven my blog the most. Maybe this will help you with yours. At the same time, I want you all to think about what you’d like to see on ShannonAThompson.com in the future! I really encourage you to comment with questions or comments in regards to what you’d like to see, and I will surely post about it! (I’ll even link to your page :D) And you can do this on any post, not just today’s, because this blog is truly dedicated to you guys, my readers. For instance, I’ve noticed many of you really enjoy writing tips, but is there a particular piece about writing you have questions about? I’d love to help with those.

My top five posts (not including pages) are:

1. Writing Tips: Being an Author: Pros & Cons

2. Inspirational Meet: Kristine Andersen: this means a lot to me by the way. Kristine’s death has been very difficult, but knowing you all have taken the time to read about her memory brings me a comfort that I cannot explain.

3. Publishing News: Barnes & Noble: Paperback: I just sent off the final bit of paperwork, so I’ll keep you updated as it continues to process.

4. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: I think it’s very important to analyze such tragedies in order to make as much understanding as we possibly can. If you haven’t read this post, I have two novels that, I think, can help question and understand school shootings.

5. Writing Tips: How I Form Dialogue into Writing

My top five recent commenters are: (And they deserve great praise, although all of you are getting a thanks!)

1. Slepsnor, Legends of Windemere.

2. Ahamin, Ahamin: Author’s official Blog–AKA my thoughts

3. The Animation Commendation: The Animation Commendation: A Tribute to Disney and Animation

4. P.C. Zick: Living Lightly

5. PO3TIC: Stranger Than Fiction: Photography, Poetry, & Prose.

I’d also like to thank Sam Dawson for featuring me on Hot Tea and Dark Chocolate March 21st, along with many others for being especially dedicated to their craft and support: Jhobell Kristyl, Ky Grabowski,  & Tuan Ho along with so many others.

So thank you again for journeying with me to this milestone. I will continue! And I am looking forward to what the next six months will bring. A lot of that will be up to you guys!

So this photo is from the summer, but it's a perfect representation of how my life goes. This is my friends, Brendan and Scott, as we worked, side-by-side, at a local hookah house.

So this photo is from the summer, but it’s a perfect representation of how my life goes. This is my friends, Brendan and Scott, as we worked, side-by-side, at a local hookah house.


March 27: Publishing News: Cover Reveal

SS: Annual Report & Thanks, 2012

5 Jan

When I logged into WordPress, I was delighted to read my annual report. (Thank you, WordPress helpers!)

Since I’ve only had this website since October, I was astounded by how many of you have read, commented, and contacted me. It means so much, and I adore all of you. However, I wanted to thank my top five commenters, as they deserve recognition for their dedication to, not only my website, but others’ and their’s as well.

So thank you: (click on any name to go to their blog.)

Picture Me Reading

Keli has a Blog

Dan Thompson : Dan Pentagram 

P.C. Zick: Living lightly upon this earth

Jackie : Change is good….right?

I’d recommend all of their blogs for a great read, as that’s how we connected and how we’ve come to appreciate one another.

Keep writing, reading, and dreaming.


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