#SATurdate: Deadpool, Gangsters, Cake, & the Grisha Trilogy.

Rereads and rewrites and movies and cake. What else could a girl want? What I’m Writing: I’m writing in D, and as promised, here is more information. D is a young adult, portal fantasy. I know. I know. Portal fantasies tend to be frowned upon nowadays, but hey, I’m not one to listen to trends,… Continue reading #SATurdate: Deadpool, Gangsters, Cake, & the Grisha Trilogy.


December’s Ketchup

Normally, I put announcements at the bottom, but today is going to be an exception. My publisher, Clean Teen Publishing, is based in Dallas, and we want to give back to the tornado victims. 50% of Wednesday’s CTP Amazon Profits to Go to Tornado Victims. (You can read the full post on their official website by… Continue reading December’s Ketchup

Author Announcements

#WW Huzzah! I Have A New Publisher

Huzzah! I Have A New Publisher The day has come! If you follow me on Facebook, I promised today would be the day I announce the future. Let me start off by first saying something so cliché, we all know it is true: I couldn’t have done this without you. Really. I couldn’t have. In… Continue reading #WW Huzzah! I Have A New Publisher