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Author Announcements

13 Feb

Lately, a lot of events have been happening, so I decided I’m going to start posting “Author Announcements” which will be posts dedicated to updating everyone on my current projects. I have a few today that I hope you will enjoy. I also need your help!

Minutes Before Sunset is on Novelunity’s February Poll, and I need YOUR vote

Novelunity is a website dedicated to showcasing new authors. It’s a fantastic website for readers and writers alike, so I would really love to connect with you over there. Here’s the link to my profile. I hope you’ll take a moment to vote for Minutes Before Sunset by clicking here. I’m currently in second place, so I really need everyone’s support 😀 Thank you!

Click here to vote!

Click here to vote!

I FINALLY received my diploma. Isn’t it beautiful? I have to admit that this moment made my graduation finally feel real to me. I’ve been struggling without it, because I didn’t walk, so I didn’t have a moment that made me feel like I completed college. Silly, I know. But it almost made me cry to see the single piece of paper that represents all of my hard work at school over the past few years.


I officially have 100 ratings on Goodreads – thank you for supporting my novels by reading and reviewing them. It means a lot to me that you take the time to express your thoughts. Thank you.


In other news, the review copy for Seconds Before Sunrise is ready, so if you’re interested in reviewing the second novel of The Timely Death Trilogy on your blog, I would love to hear from you. I have a limited amount of copies, so please email me at shannonathompson@aol.com. I would also love it if you would simply like to showcase it on your website on the release day, so email me for that, too. 😀 I am also open for interviews (I love interviews)

Let’s make the release a great day! 



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