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Movie Mention: Lawless

27 Nov

I saw this bootlegging gang movie when it came out in theaters, so I’m very excited the DVD is released today!

Living during the Depression, the three Bondurant brothers run Franklin County, Virginia with their illegal alcohol sales. But when corrupt eyes fall on their successful money, Forrest, Howard, and Jack must rely on one another in order to fight off a mob willing to kill. Soon, one is severely wounded and another must prove his bravery or lose everything, including his family.

Lawless is a movie that will keep you guessing, drinking, and loving your family in the most difficult times.

Watch the trailer here.




Movie Mention: Magic Mike

23 Oct

Okay. Okay. I know. This isn’t exactly my classiest post (or my longest), but I couldn’t help myself.

I saw Magic Mike in theatres, and it’s the perfect Girls-Night-Out (Or Girls-Night-In with wine and chocolate) movie!

Today Magic Mike was released on DVD, and of course it is an adult movie (Rated R), and it’s completely directed at women, and some people have complained that it’s downgrading, and it’s not for everyone. I get that.

That being said, if you’re open-minded towards strippers (Cough, Cough, CHANNING TATUM), then go rent this for the weekend, invite some girlfriends over, and have a great time!


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