Movie Mention: Magic Mike

Okay. Okay. I know. This isn’t exactly my classiest post (or my longest), but I couldn’t help myself.

I saw Magic Mike in theatres, and it’s the perfect Girls-Night-Out (Or Girls-Night-In with wine and chocolate) movie!

Today Magic Mike was released on DVD, and of course it is an adult movie (Rated R), and it’s completely directed at women, and some people have complained that it’s downgrading, and it’s not for everyone. I get that.

That being said, if you’re open-minded towards strippers (Cough, Cough, CHANNING TATUM), then go rent this for the weekend, invite some girlfriends over, and have a great time!


9 thoughts on “Movie Mention: Magic Mike

  1. I totally agree. I saw it in theaters with a bunch of my romance-writing friends, and we had a blast. A few of my friends didn’t get the appeal, but geez, ripped men with no shirts…I shouldn’t have to explain that. I wasn’t expecting a plot, so the fact that there was one was a pleasant surprise. It’s a fun movie.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I saw it TWICE in theaters! 🙂 It really is the best girls night movie. I’m more into indie films and the classics, but like you said–I just couldn’t help myself!

  3. As soon as Magic Mike hit the theaters, my girlfriends and I frantically made arrangements for a Girls Night Out, totally worth it 🙂 I didn’t find the acting great, nor the story…but Channing Tatum….yes, it was definitely worth it 🙂

  4. Considering the oodles and OODLES of movies made for men where women wiggle and jiggle around, it’s only fair that women get a movie for them to watch hunky dude wiggle and jiggle around. In fact, there should be more of these kinds of movies, cause who most benefits from happy, excited women? Men! Well, hopefully. lol That’s my flawed, guy-logic, and I’ll stick with it. 🙂

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