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Why Genre Hopping is your best friend

Shannon, here, to announce our last guest blogger. That’s right. Our last. I will be back on May 29, but today is a wonderful day, because Ryan Attard - author of The Legacy Series - is sharing his thoughts on genre hopping, something we both feel very passionately about. Ryan has blogged on here before,… Continue reading Why Genre Hopping is your best friend

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My Wonderful, Amazing, and Talented Guest Bloggers officially hit 16,000 followers!  These are purple periwinkles from These little flowers will be symbolic in my upcoming novel, Take Me Tomorrow. This picture is also symbolic to how grateful I am to be continuing to grow with everyone. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for growing with me. And thank you… Continue reading My Wonderful, Amazing, and Talented Guest Bloggers


My First Podcast Interview

Update: Here is the podcast ... The press release for Seconds Before Sunrise released, and Ky Grabowski was kind enough to share it on her blog. Check it out by clicking here. ... Originally, I was going to post another YouTube video introducing this, but Weebo (my laptop) was not cooperating with me, and I… Continue reading My First Podcast Interview


January’s Entertainment Reviews

I first want to thank Paul O. Williams of Halo Companies, Inc. - awarded C.F.O. of the Year by the Dallas Business Journal - for quoting my first published novel: “Sometimes battles are unavoidable.” - November Snow. Thank you, Mr. Williams! Read more about that here. Last time, I shared my interview with The Modest Verge - now, you can read their… Continue reading January’s Entertainment Reviews


More Prizes to Win!

First, sorry that I didn’t post this at midnight this morning, but I am in the last two finals I will ever take. That’s right - next time I post on this blog, I will be a college graduate.  Second, thank you to author, T.B. Markinson, for guest blogging on the 16th. Isn’t she amazing?… Continue reading More Prizes to Win!


Upcoming Guest Posts

First, I want to thank Clinton Book Shop in New Jersey for creating the photo below: This means a lot to me, because they quoted November Snow, my first published novel, and shared it with their followers on the night of the Hunter's Moon. It's always neat to see fellow authors, writers, and readers connect… Continue reading Upcoming Guest Posts