#SATurdate: The Lobster, My 25th Birthday, Spotlight, and Outrun The Moon

What I’m Writing: I’m officially writing in the mysterious book I call “S.” It’s unrelated to The Tomo Trilogy and Dreammare, believe it or not, but I love it all the same. Right now, I only have the first two chapters written, mainly because I’m still world-building, and I imagine this novel is going to… Continue reading #SATurdate: The Lobster, My 25th Birthday, Spotlight, and Outrun The Moon


#WW 2016 YA Reading Predictions

As the year comes to an end, readers are looking forward to new releases in 2016…and authors are nervous about all the predictions coming out. (Come on, I know I’m not the only one.) I’ve already read a few myself—and they ALWAYS freak me out. So what better way to combat them than by joining… Continue reading #WW 2016 YA Reading Predictions


Guest Post: GlassesonWeb.com

::Shannon walking up to microphone stand:: Hey, everyone! Shannon here (just for a minute.) If you've followed me for a while, you probably have heard me talk about how much I strain my eyes by constantly staring at my computer. That's when I force myself to take a break. However, a lot of writers (and… Continue reading Guest Post: GlassesonWeb.com

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Relax & Read: How to Write a Sentence

As told in my Back to School post, my NonFiction Writing I class assigned Stanley Fish's How-To book, How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One. We just wrapped up this short (only 160 pages) book, and, although my class had some complaints about simplicity, I really enjoyed it. From the beginning, Fish describes… Continue reading Relax & Read: How to Write a Sentence

Writing Tips

Writing Tips: What’s On Your Desk?

As I moved the past few days, I got to reorganize and rediscover all of my old trinkets (or junk.) Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun. I thought a lot about what my characters would find while moving, and I think that's a great writing prompt to mess around with (I sure tried it… Continue reading Writing Tips: What’s On Your Desk?


Merry Christmas

This exciting holiday added another member to my family! My older brother, Greg, proposed to his girlfriend, and now I have a future sister-in-law to welcome. I'm very happy, and I hope that everyone's holiday has gone as wonderfully as it can. Also, my father bought DragonSpeak for me. It's a voice recognition software that… Continue reading Merry Christmas