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Shannon Summary: The Answers

2 Nov

Happy November!

For many of you that means NaNoWriMo, so I hope that is going well (and successfully productive) for everyone who is participating.

Two entries back, I posted Shannon Summary: Ask Me Anything, encouraging all of you to ask me anything you want to know or to suggest more of what you—as my readers—want to see. I got quite a few emails! So I narrowed it down to my top 10, combining similar ones. If you see the question you asked and your blog isn’t linked to it, it’s because you didn’t clarify you wanted credit. If you do want a link, send me a message, and I will edit that.



Eric Fischer: Why did you get into writing?

I’ve been into writing as long as I can remember. However, my mother encouraged it a lot, and I believe I became seriously passionate when she passed away in 2003. Her death taught me to love every day, and her love taught me to believe in myself and pursue my passion in order to find complete happiness.

Emailer: Why don’t you ever reveal spoilers when reviewing books and movies? What if I want a spoiler?

 I purposely don’t include spoilers in any of my reviews, because, although many articles warn people when there are spoilers, eyes can sometimes accidently skip ahead when the reader doesn’t want to. If you want a spoiler though, don’t hesitate to email me! I’ve actually had that happen already, and I don’t mind sharing spoilers at all if that’s what you want.


Emailer: How’d you get started so young—do you know someone inside the industry or did you set out to meet someone via writing conferences or query letters? Basically, how did you get published? What would suggest for others who are looking to get published?

 I started seriously writing novels when I was 11, which is when my mother passed away. I got published by a smaller publisher, and I am working with a group of people in order to et published in a bigger publisher, but I’m not entitled to say whom those people are. I would suggest, for other writers working at getting published, to research, research, and research again. I’ve gone to writing conferences, where I have met quite a few people who’ve helped me, and I’ve also sent out numerous query letters that have helped me tremendously.


Emily Ann Benedict: Tell us more about your publishing journey.

 I’m unsure if you want me to tell you more about my already published novel, November Snow, or if you want me to write about the publishing journey as I continue today. If you want my previous journey, read above. If not, let me know, and I’ll be sure to post in the future about my journey today!

Kelihasablog: What age group is your novel aimed at?

 November Snow is YA Fantasy / Light Sci-Fi

Potterfan97: Where do you find your inspiration for writing?

Strangely enough, when I was younger, I used to suffer from night terrors and very violent nightmares. My mother encouraged me to write them down as a therapeutic strategy to deal with them. November Snow is very much based off of one of the more violent episodes of my life as long with many of my other novels that I have written.


Princess Heather Glam: How do you suggest to build your blog? Should it have one theme?

Read other blogs, and let those bloggers know that you really respect and read what you’re writing. Share ideas and words. Connect with readers. I would suggest having a central theme, but that theme can stretch. For instance, I focus on YA authors, but I also review movies, music, television, and books—sometimes ones that aren’t even YA based. But it’s all entertainment.


Emailer: What are your other hobbies other than writing, blogging, and journaling? Oh, and playing with your cat. Lol 

I spend A LOT of time with my family and friends—whenever I can, really—but I’m also a full-time student in my senior year at college, so I don’t have a lot of free time.

Did you write November Snow during NaNoWriMo? Is that why it’s about November? Are you participating this year?

November is my favorite month, but I didn’t write it during NaNoWriMo. I don’t participate in NaNoWriMo; however, I do think it’s a great tool for writers and readers alike. I really encourage NaNoWriMo; it just isn’t for me.


Tell us more about November Snow! How long is it? How long did it take you to write it? How’s it written? What’s it like? Example chapters? There aren’t any on Amazon!

The original version of November Snow is 600 pages (125,987 words to be exact). It took me under a year to write it, but I was thirteen. It’s written from two perspectives in first-person. (One chapter is told by Daniel; the next is told by Serena.) I have example chapters available if you want me to post the first one.

Thank you for all of your questions! If you have more, shoot them my way. If not, maybe you can post an entry on your blog site like this one, so I can ask you some of the same questions!


Shannon Summary: Ask Me Anything

30 Oct

As I closed my Wattpad.com account down today, I found myself struggling, knowing that I was letting go of a website I felt very connected with, along with all of the fellow writers and readers that I have learned so much from. (If you haven’t checked out Wattpad.com, click here to read my previous information on the topic).

So I got to thinking:

What causes us to connect with one another as writers and readers (or bloggers, in this case.)? We may have a lot in common. We may be in the same genre or had similar life experiences. Or we might not.

I have found that there are a variety of people, connecting for very similar along with different reasons.

So today—other than my encouragement to connect with your own readers or writers—I want to connect with you, my readers.

What would you like to see more of on my site? Are there any questions you have for me (about anything!)? Want to know why I started writing? Want to know my experience in publishing? Want to know my favorite color? Want my to ask you a question?

Leave me a message or send me an email via my contact page, and I’ll post more of what you all want to see! Basically, meet me–beyond the information already provided. Let me know if you want your question credited if you email me, or it will be anonymous when I post the interview questions in a soon-to-be future posting.

After all, readers allow us writers to fully function in our passion!

Happy Tuesday! I hope anyone on the east coast (or with family) is okay from Hurricane Sandy!

P.S. Here’s another picture of Bogart and I, because I just can’t help myself.



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