Shannon Summary: Ask Me Anything

As I closed my Wattpad.com account down today, I found myself struggling, knowing that I was letting go of a website I felt very connected with, along with all of the fellow writers and readers that I have learned so much from. (If you haven’t checked out Wattpad.com, click here to read my previous information on the topic).

So I got to thinking:

What causes us to connect with one another as writers and readers (or bloggers, in this case.)? We may have a lot in common. We may be in the same genre or had similar life experiences. Or we might not.

I have found that there are a variety of people, connecting for very similar along with different reasons.

So today—other than my encouragement to connect with your own readers or writers—I want to connect with you, my readers.

What would you like to see more of on my site? Are there any questions you have for me (about anything!)? Want to know why I started writing? Want to know my experience in publishing? Want to know my favorite color? Want my to ask you a question?

Leave me a message or send me an email via my contact page, and I’ll post more of what you all want to see! Basically, meet me–beyond the information already provided. Let me know if you want your question credited if you email me, or it will be anonymous when I post the interview questions in a soon-to-be future posting.

After all, readers allow us writers to fully function in our passion!

Happy Tuesday! I hope anyone on the east coast (or with family) is okay from Hurricane Sandy!

P.S. Here’s another picture of Bogart and I, because I just can’t help myself.



9 thoughts on “Shannon Summary: Ask Me Anything

  1. Somehow I’ve always found that writers connect easily, as if we speak some language only we can understand…that language might just be an understanding of the trials of the industry. 😉 Your reviews are always welcomed, but I would also like to here more about your publishing journey.

  2. I’m still relatively new to all this myself, and basically just blog about something I’m passionate about, ticked off about, or my attempts at poetry. I do love reading other peoples blog and I generally try to comment because feedback is important (just my opinion). I just did a blog a couple of days ago about myself (Liebster Award?) which was basically ust questions, but after my answers I was to list 11 questions for others. You might want to look there and see if there is anything you’re interested in.

    I haven’t read your book yet, but what age group is aimed at, if you don’t mind my asking… 😀

  3. Okay, here’s a question- where do you find your inspiration for writing? As writers we often look to things such as photography, books, or even people to inspire us and fuel our passion and purpose for setting words down on paper. These are the things that are constantly planting new ideas in our heads and driving us forward.

    What fuels your passion? 🙂

  4. How do yousuggest to build your blog? Should it have one theme? I am struggling to find my voice with this!

    1. we used to chant “GoGo power poopers” …. They seem to be on a small come back! I also connect, on purpose, with blogs that are not at all where I’m coming from. Like, foodie blogs, high heel fashion – not my thing at all! interesting none the less at times.

  5. Enjoyed your blog very much. I have two rescue cats Marshmallow and Milky Way, aka the rugs that eat, so I really love your kitty photo op, too.

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