Hurricane Sandy

Because I have family in Pennsylvania (I was also born there) here’s links on information over Hurricane Sandy, so you can track it like I am!

I hope everyone is safe!

Watch Live Coverage here. (There is some amazing–but terrifying–footage on this site)

Track the storm on interactive map here.


12 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Watching all the crews a few blocks away out of my hotel window working on securing the area around the crane. NYC is lucky to have the responders it does. Stay safe everyone!

  2. Reporting from Pittsburgh – winds still blow but not too much. Rain comes down steadily but so far we’re not flooding too badly although they say the brunt of the storm is yet to come today (Tuesday). Hope yours and you are safe and dry.

  3. I’m from North Jersey, and we got hit hard. I’m mostly concerned about all my fave vacation spots down the shore 😦 They’re saying some of the boardwalks are going to unrecognizable next summer. So sad.

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