Movie Mention: Insidious

Sorry for the lack of posts! I’ve been busy with school and Halloween. BUT—speaking of Halloween—I watched a scary movie recently that I think is a great Halloween flick: Insidious.

After moving into a new house, a family starts having strange occurrences. Once one of the children falls into a coma, the family decides to move, thinking the house is haunted. But it may not be the house. And it may not be a haunting. It’s definitely not what they think—and I was completely wrong the entire time I was guessing. Insidious is not only a different kind of a scary movie, but the plot is unique, and I actually was into it (because, let’s be real, most scary movies today aren’t that good or scary—but I liked this one).

So, if you’re looking for a scary movie, but a different kind of scary—get Insidious. (It’s also PG-13.)

Watch the trailer here.

If you don’t like scary, you could always stick with Hocus Pocus or The Little Vampire. (Those are my favorite).


6 thoughts on “Movie Mention: Insidious

  1. I watched it with my sister this year and was very surprised. Did that part with the demon lurking behind the dad get you too? That part was freaky (and the old woman in the photos). I loved how you assume it’s a haunted house movie, and it turns out you’re wrong. Loved it.

  2. I really like this movie. It’s a clever fusion of the old-fashioned slow burn appraoch to horror with an emphasis on characters and crazy, out-of-nowhere imagery, like you could see in awesome TV movies in the 70s, and the hard-hitting, in-your-face style used in more in modern horror. Admittedly, it doesn’t 100% succeed at either, but it hits more than it misses. I’m surprised at all the hate there is floating around for it-“This movie is everything that’s wrong with horror!” I’ve heard a couple people go so far as to say- which also makes me wonder if maybe the biggest problem with modern horror movies isn’t the movies themselves but rather how the audience approaches them. /endrant

  3. I thought the movie was awesome. I wasn’t sure if you could bridge the gap between “found footage” and an actual movie, but I think Insidious found a pretty good balance. What I mean is you kind of have that feeling with Paranormal Activity where you yourself are in the movie, finding out things for the first time like characters are (hard to explain I guess) But yeah, solid movie, scary as hell (first time you see it anyway) and I’m hoping that a plausible sequel can be made.

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