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Movie Mention: ParaNorman

28 Dec

I LOVE anything and everything paranormal, so when a close friend of mine suggested this animated flick, I was ridiculously excited.

ParaNorman is set in a superstitious town, haunted by the ghost of a prosecuted witch. Norman, a young boy with the gift of seeing the dead, realizes he must take charge and solve the witch’s curse before it destroys the town he lives in (even if they do ostracize Norman for being different.)

I REALLY recommend this film, since I enjoyed the playful  aspects towards a normally haunting topic. But what is “normal” about ParaNorman?220px-ParaNorman_poster

Read more about it here.

From a writer’s perspective, this movie is a prime example on how we can take old concepts and renew them into something not done before.

Also, I’m glad everyone enjoyed my writing tips on dialogue, and I hoped you all can incorporate them successfully. It’s always a joy to help others with their passion, and I’ll be sure to share other ones to you in future posts.

In other news, I’m currently working with Amazon to feature November Snow chapters. Then I will release an E-Book for kindle and other electronic readers.

Until then, enjoy this movie, and keep writing/reading,


Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! I got a lot of great emails from yesterday’s post, so I will surely be posting answers to questions soon. But—for today—I thought I’d share all of my favorite Halloween treats! (And tricks)


Kids Movie: Hocus Pocus (Or The Little Vampire)

Scary Movie: Anything on TV that I haven’t seen before. (That way, I may actually get scared)

TV Show: American Horror Story (Which comes on tonight!)

Classic Novel: Frankenstein

YA Novel: The Party Room

Food: Pumpkin Pie…especially right now, at Perkins, they have Pumpkin cream pie. So delicious.

Candy: Branch’s Strawberries!


I’m dressed up like the Pink Power Ranger. I suppose my name is now Kimberly.


Happy Halloween! Here’s our pumpkins!



Movie Mention: Insidious

29 Oct

Sorry for the lack of posts! I’ve been busy with school and Halloween. BUT—speaking of Halloween—I watched a scary movie recently that I think is a great Halloween flick: Insidious.

After moving into a new house, a family starts having strange occurrences. Once one of the children falls into a coma, the family decides to move, thinking the house is haunted. But it may not be the house. And it may not be a haunting. It’s definitely not what they think—and I was completely wrong the entire time I was guessing. Insidious is not only a different kind of a scary movie, but the plot is unique, and I actually was into it (because, let’s be real, most scary movies today aren’t that good or scary—but I liked this one).

So, if you’re looking for a scary movie, but a different kind of scary—get Insidious. (It’s also PG-13.)

Watch the trailer here.

If you don’t like scary, you could always stick with Hocus Pocus or The Little Vampire. (Those are my favorite).


Movie Mention: Interview with the Vampire

6 Oct


Now that I’ve given you all a great YA Halloween read, I thought I’d suggest a good Halloween movie. (But I wouldn’t clarify it as YA, because it is more on the violent side).

Everyone nowadays seems to be in the vampire craze (or at least was in it at some moment). I have to admit—I love vampires. There’s something hauntingly seductive that leaves you tasting evil and realizing it’s delicious. That being said, however, I like DARK vampires. (Not naming anything in particular that isn’t dark…ha). So this movie is only for you if you’re willing to watch some blood with your bloodsucker.

Interview with the Vampire not only is a fantastical novel but it’s a GREAT movie—one of my favorites. Starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, and little Kirsten Dunst this vampire tale submerges you into the impure psychology of becoming and living as a vampire—a damned inhuman being.

So, if you’re searching for a great Halloween movie, go back to 1994, rent this flick, and see what it’s like to really be one of the damned—

“For what the damned really have to say to the damned?”


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