February’s Ketchup

First thing is first, you can read my latest interview with Laugh Riot Press via their monthly newsletter, the Laugh Riot Report. We discuss writing tips, publishing tips, and how to market yourself while writing your next book. Read that by clicking here. (You don't have to sign up to read the interview, but I highly… Continue reading February’s Ketchup

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#WritingTips Music Muse and Tricks

If you would like a signed copy of any book in The Timely Death Trilogy, e-mail me at shannonathompson.com. Barnes & Noble in Wichita has a few copies left from the Valentine's Day Romance Author Event this past Saturday. It was AWESOME. I met some wonderful readers and authors. Thank you for coming out! ~SAT ...… Continue reading #WritingTips Music Muse and Tricks

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#MondayBlogs Music as Writing Inspiration

Intro: I never used to write with music. The lyrics would distract me or it simply wouldn’t work. Many years later, I found music I actually enjoyed using, and I’ve used it since while brainstorming. Today, our guest writer is talking about just that. Using music to inspire her, here is Audrey Leaman. Disclaimer: The… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Music as Writing Inspiration

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#WW Staying Focused as a Writer

#WW Staying Focused as a Writer Staying focused. It sounds simple but is all too complicated for many. It’s different for every writer, but I’ve recognized quite a few common stressors among authors. Some get overwhelmed by finding time to write and manage social media. Others can’t finish a novel without another one sneaking up… Continue reading #WW Staying Focused as a Writer

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#WW Writer Problems 1–5

#WW Writer Problems 1–5 If you’re on my Facebook, then you will be familiar with today’s content. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing little cards that I make called Writer Problems. I only have a few out, but I decided that I wanted to share them on here too. So today was born,… Continue reading #WW Writer Problems 1–5


Guest Post: Ky Grabowski: How Music Influences my Writing

Shannon again (only for a second...again) Many of you know Ky Grabowski, author of The Demon Inside, which is officially available on Amazon and Goodreads. (I hope you check them out.) But she's talking about music influencing her writing today. So without further ado: ... How Music Influences my Writing   I first off want… Continue reading Guest Post: Ky Grabowski: How Music Influences my Writing