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#WW Being A Writer Isn’t Everything

The other night, I was wallowing on the couch. I do this a lot. I can admit it shamelessly. But that’s probably because it’s a fake wallow. I enjoy the dramatics of it…and I do it all alone…with my three cats watching me. (Call it a guilty pleasure.) There’s something about hearing myself pointlessly complain… Continue reading #WW Being A Writer Isn’t Everything

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#MondayBlogs All You Need (as a writer)

Intro: Being a writer isn’t a decision for many. You just are. Still, it takes a lot to decide to be true to you and your work. Today’s guest blogger knows this lesson all too well. Ken Hughes, an urban fantasy author, discusses the truth behind what it takes to be an author—and how to… Continue reading #MondayBlogs All You Need (as a writer)


Marking Mother’s Day with Bookmarks

Special thanks goes out to Tony Jaa, actor and martial artist, for quoting my latest novel, Seconds Before Sunrise, on his official Twitter page. Known for Ong-Bak, Fast and Furious 7, and his stunt work in the Mortal Kombat Annihilation, visit Tony Jaa on Twitter and Facebook. Check out my latest interview with Confessions of a Book… Continue reading Marking Mother’s Day with Bookmarks


Guest Post: The Passion – she is contagious

Shannon, here, for an introduction: As many of you know, I don’t normally accept volunteers for guest posts. Instead, I go out and find writers that I ask to post on my blog. I also sometimes ask those who participate on my author Facebook page or on here to contribute to a guest post as… Continue reading Guest Post: The Passion – she is contagious


Interview with Andrew Vogel, actor on Under the Dome, and director

Special thanks to Mrs N of Princess of the Light: Shining the Light for All for nominating ShannonAThompson.com for Blog of the Year: 2013 and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Another special thanks goes to Jennifer K Marsh, author of ILIMOSKUS, for nominating ShannonAThompson.com for the WordPress Family award. ... Today, I am delighted to announce that… Continue reading Interview with Andrew Vogel, actor on Under the Dome, and director


One of my “Lows” as an Author

Today I wanted to talk about something many artists--no matter what kind of art they practice--struggle with: lows. We have them sometimes as often as we have "highs." When I say "highs" I am talking about those moments where you feel on top of the world, like you've accomplished everything you've ever dreamed of, and… Continue reading One of my “Lows” as an Author


To My Mother

“Writers seek to create order out of the chaos of everyday life, and to extract meaning from both the tragic and the mundane.” ~Hope Edelman This quote has always struck a deep chord within me, not only because I am a writer, but because this was my mother's philosophy. On top of that, Hope Edelman… Continue reading To My Mother

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Writing Tips: Being an Author: Pros & Cons

Yesterday would've been my mother's 54th birthday if she hadn't passed away on March 16, 2003. Today, I’m dedicating this post to her, because she is the reason I have become so passionate about my writing dream. Her memory has pushed me forward, time and time again, ever since 2003, and my passion is very… Continue reading Writing Tips: Being an Author: Pros & Cons