#BookRelease Bad Bloods: November Rain!

Bad Bloods: November Rain released TODAY! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Goodreads I cannot express how grateful I am to be here today. Bad Bloods was my first publication, but it is so much more than that. On March 16, 2003, my mother suddenly passed away from a drug overdose, and I was left with an overwhelming range… Continue reading #BookRelease Bad Bloods: November Rain!


#SATurdate: Independence Day Resurgence, The Last Star, & PokemonGO

What I’m Writing: Unfortunately, I’m still in a writing slump. Right when I think I’m getting my footing somewhere, I feel like it slips out from under me. That being said, I’ve reached a point in the Bad Bloods Prequel (which is free on Wattpad, hint hint) that I’ve had to start writing more information… Continue reading #SATurdate: Independence Day Resurgence, The Last Star, & PokemonGO

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#WW Stopping Guest Posts & New Line-Up

Since January of this year, I’ve featured a guest writer every Monday. I was hoping to continue this tradition for at least a year, but with the Christmas season approaching, I’ve been denying articles more than accepting articles (due to the submitted articles mainly being advertisements). That being said, I’ve been very fortunate that so… Continue reading #WW Stopping Guest Posts & New Line-Up

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#BookRelease Seconds Before Sunrise Evolution Day!

Holy Dark! We are here! Book 2 of The Timely Death Trilogy, Seconds Before Sunrise, releases today. (And the last book releases in two weeks!) Before I tell you to check out the sequel here—Okay. Fine. Here’s Amazon and Barnes & Noble—I wanted to tell you a little about my journey up until this point.… Continue reading #BookRelease Seconds Before Sunrise Evolution Day!