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#MondayBlogs Finding Your Author’s Voice

Intro: Voice. A singular word that makes most writers cringe, especially if you’re just starting out. But it doesn’t have to! Finding your “voice” can be a fun adventure, and today, author Ryan Attard, is discussing the ever-dreaded topic most avoid. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in guest articles are those of the author/s… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Finding Your Author’s Voice

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Finding Interesting Quotes

Announcements: Bookstore Browser reviewed Minutes Before Sunset, stating, "The book sets up a great world, with interesting characters and storyline as a great start to the trilogy." Check out the entire review by clicking here. ... Finding Interesting Quotes Quotes. We love them. I rarely log onto any social media site without seeing some quote… Continue reading Finding Interesting Quotes

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Writing the Back Blurb

Announcements:  The Messy Owl reviewed Take Me Tomorrow, stating, "A thrilling and entangling plot, full of suspense and action." Read the entire review here or check out my latest novel by clicking here. ... Writing the Back Blurb As I near the release date of Death Before Daylight, I remember more topics that I can talk… Continue reading Writing the Back Blurb


Website Wonders

Announcements:  In the latest review, The Bookie Monster highly recommends Take Me Tomorrow, and you can read why by clicking here. But here is small quote: "Once this story gets rolling, which is right in chapter one, you have to just keep turning the pages. It wasn’t my plan, but I read it in an afternoon.”… Continue reading Website Wonders

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Interactive Book Reviews for Readers and Authors

Shannon, here, for an announcement. Minutes Before Sunset was featured on Friday Fiction. You can read an 1,000 word excerpt by clicking here. The scene happens between Jessica and Eric, and it’s from a chapter told from Jessica’s perspective. Now an introduction. Pau Castillo from Pau’s Castles has written a wonderful post about her technique… Continue reading Interactive Book Reviews for Readers and Authors


You Have Committed Copyright Infringement

Three announcements before I talk about a REALLY important issue in the art industry that I recently – and very personally – experienced. Normally, this day is reserved for “Website Wonders.” But I have made an exception. You can expect February’s Website Wonders next time, but I hope you will read what I have to… Continue reading You Have Committed Copyright Infringement


How Readers Surprise Me: Favorite Quotes

I first want to thank Cherry Mischievous for showcasing Minutes Before Sunset.  CM is a blog for the love of science-fiction and fantasy. Check it out for reviews, giveaways, and more! Next, I want to thank Dames of Dialogue. I recently participated in an interview with them, which you can read by clicking here, and… Continue reading How Readers Surprise Me: Favorite Quotes


Quoting Other Bloggers

First, congrats to Tanya Taimanglo. She was the winner of my previous post, and she will soon be guest blogging on this website. Thank you to everyone who shared their inspirations. And thank you to these two lovely readers for reviewing Minutes Before Sunset: (click the links to visit their pages.) Press Pause, Fast Forward:… Continue reading Quoting Other Bloggers


Upcoming Guest Posts

First, I want to thank Clinton Book Shop in New Jersey for creating the photo below: This means a lot to me, because they quoted November Snow, my first published novel, and shared it with their followers on the night of the Hunter's Moon. It's always neat to see fellow authors, writers, and readers connect… Continue reading Upcoming Guest Posts


Writing Competition & Giveaway!

First: I'm going to be doing my first LIVE radio interview on August 20 at 9:30 a.m. (CDT.) Join us at Back Porch Writer. I will also post a link to it afterwards if you'd like to listen to it later. If you follow me on my Facebook page then you already know that I received three… Continue reading Writing Competition & Giveaway!