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Shannon’s Top Three Tips for Writing Romance

It's February, so romance is in the publishing air. Whether or not you write romance novels or have romantic subplots in your work, almost every writer has had to think through a couple's relationship in their work.  Here are my top three tips for writing romance. 1. Read Romance: As Stephen King famously said, "If… Continue reading Shannon’s Top Three Tips for Writing Romance

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Insta-Love isn’t Instant

Announcements: Everyone can expect a cover reveal of Death Before Daylight on November 6th – this also means I will not have a blog post on the 5th. I need an extra day to prep everything, but I hope your excitement will make the wait! My latest interview and review has been posted on the… Continue reading Insta-Love isn’t Instant

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Writing Tips: Lovers

Writing Tips: Lovers Read my latest interview by clicking here. I talk about fellow Indie authors who’ve inspired me, Take Me Tomorrow, and so much more! … The protagonist lover characters seem to follow these molds: Gorgeous, mysterious, heart-striken male who cannot communicate his feelings until death is threatening separation, because of some past that… Continue reading Writing Tips: Lovers