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How I Use Social Media as an Author

Social media is generally seen as a must-have nowadays for creatives. Some writers love it. Others hate it. I find most fall somewhere in between. Which is why I wanted to talk about it.  Being online can certainly come with its pros and cons. I have days where I love the connections I make and the information… Continue reading How I Use Social Media as an Author

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#MondayBlogs Authors, Add Extras to Books

Writing a book is long process often filled with notes, maps, character charts, soundtracks, and Sticky Notes. If a novel is 350 pages long, there’s probably a stack of papers twice that high that led up to the publication of it. Whether it was an editorial letter or a rewrite or a list of background… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Authors, Add Extras to Books


#WW The Truth Behind An Author’s Instagram

I have a confession. As an #authorofinstagram, I post daily pictures of my writing life that are more or less fictional stories themselves. Sure, my cats are real and that coffee was definitely mine, but not all of my posts are live (although a fair portion of them are), and the mood I describe might… Continue reading #WW The Truth Behind An Author’s Instagram

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#MondayBlogs How To Enjoy Blogging As An Author

In an ever-changing social media frenzy, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when starting out on social media or as you continue to grow your Internet visibility. One of the topics I constantly see discussed in the numerous forums I lurk in is blogging. Do authors have to blog? (No.) How many times should I… Continue reading #MondayBlogs How To Enjoy Blogging As An Author

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#WW Pitch Competitions

Although many of you know me as an author, I work a full-time day job as an editor and marketer. I also give publishing advice and help writers with their websites. It was during this job one of my clients asked me if I had ever participated in a #Pitch competition. If you don’t know… Continue reading #WW Pitch Competitions

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#WW The Joy of Progress Bars

#WW The Joy of Progress Bars If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember when I used to have a progress bar on the right side of my website. I no longer have one, but I’ll talk about that in a minute. Since I no longer have on, my progress bar revolved… Continue reading #WW The Joy of Progress Bars


The Please-Help-Shannon Poll

Announcements: Special thanks goes out to Omar Bula Escobar - former UN representative and author of "El Plan Maestro" - for translating and sharing a quote from Minutes Before Sunset yesterday on his website! In my latest interview, I was asked if I have a message for my fans, and I do! Click here to read… Continue reading The Please-Help-Shannon Poll


10 Things Authors Worry About

Announcements:  The next section of my interactive poetry series on Wattpad has begun! You can read the first poem - The grave of my teenage daughter - by clicking the link. Remember to vote, comment, and/or share for your chance to be mentioned during my next YouTube video. In other news, Star-crossed Book Blog reviewed… Continue reading 10 Things Authors Worry About

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Pros and Cons of an Author Blog

Announcements: It’s Friday, so you know what that means: it’s also Poetry Friday! In case you missed it, I’ve uploaded a new poem to my interactive poetry series on Wattpad - How She Loved Me. This is also the last one of this particular set. Depending on your vote, one of the four will be… Continue reading Pros and Cons of an Author Blog