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#WW: Can We Stop Hating on E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer?

Can We Stop Hating on E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer? Seriously. Are we over it yet? Surely, we can find something better to do by now—like talking about authors you love instead of the ones you hate. I get it. I do. A lot of people had issues with the content of these stories, and… Continue reading #WW: Can We Stop Hating on E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer?


When Reading is a “Fad”

Announcements:  During my latest interview, I had to fight a blush when The Random Book Blogger asked me which Take Me Tomorrow character I would marry if I had to chose one. Read my answer by clicking here, or read her book review by clicking here. The Random Book Blogger shared a favorite quote from… Continue reading When Reading is a “Fad”


February’s Entertainment Reviews

When The Eye-Dancers interviewed me one year ago, I didn’t even have a publishing contract for The Timely Death Trilogy. Now, they have emailed again, and you can see how much my life has changed in just 365 days. Read the full interview here to find out how I define myself as a writer and person.… Continue reading February’s Entertainment Reviews


2014 Books to Movies

First, I am taking a moment to apologize for my extended absence. I was having unusual difficulties with my normally cooperative technology. But now my internet is fixed, and I’m delighted to return to my every-other-day blog schedule. Since I was stuck on my phone rather than my laptop the past few days, the only… Continue reading 2014 Books to Movies