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#WritingTips No, Reading Is Not An Option.

As an author and full-time editor, I’m coming across more and more writers who don’t read their own genre, or—even worse—don’t read at all. There are generally two types of these writers. 1. Writers who claim to read but obviously don’t (and I’ll get to how it is obvious later). 2. Writers who haven’t read… Continue reading #WritingTips No, Reading Is Not An Option.

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#WW Finding Your Style as a Writer

#WW Finding Your Style as a Writer So, I just turned 24 yesterday. That means, I’m 113 in cat years (according to this calculator.) Since I’m 113, I thought I’d share some of my personal, cat lady wisdom, and by “personal” wisdom, I mean self-awareness in regards to my writing style. (Plus, a good portion… Continue reading #WW Finding Your Style as a Writer


“Serious” Writing

Win a signed copy of Minutes Before Sunset today Vote for Minutes Before Sunset in the Writers Club competition I recently had a discussion with fellow writers about what constitutes “serious” writing or not. Personally, I think it comes down to the writer. I have plenty of stories written that I would not consider serious,… Continue reading “Serious” Writing