#AmReading Why Do You Read?

Tune in to ECAV Radio interview at 2:00 p.m. (CDT) today for my latest interview! We talked about dinosaurs, book covers, and nightmares. I even read a never-before-read poem! You might get an exclusive sneak peek of upcoming novels too. ... Every Monday, I take an old post and I recover it with new thoughts and ideas. Today,… Continue reading #AmReading Why Do You Read?

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#MondayBlogs 10 Books That Will Inspire You To Travel

Intro: As many of you know, I love reading…and I absolutely love traveling. So, when Jason Biondo approached me with the idea of combining these two topics, I was on board. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I do! (The first book is one of my all-time favorites.) Welcome, Jason! Disclaimer: The… Continue reading #MondayBlogs 10 Books That Will Inspire You To Travel

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#WW Attending Book Cons

Attending Book Cons Whew! I’m back from Atlanta. (Although, to be perfectly honest, I’m writing this right before I leave for Atlanta…I’m basically in a mind-blowing matrix of messed up time right now.) And as promised, I wanted to share how Penned Con in St. Louis went. First off, I went as a reader. I didn’t… Continue reading #WW Attending Book Cons

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#MondayBlogs Do You ‘Take’ Your Characters With You When You’re In The Outside World?

Intro: As an author, I spend a lot of my free time on the computer. In fact, between my editing job and my writing time, I spend almost ALL my time on my computer. But you still have to get off the laptop sometimes and explore the world. This is what our guest blogger is… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Do You ‘Take’ Your Characters With You When You’re In The Outside World?


#SATurday Author Goals

#SATurday Author Goals About a week ago, my publisher—Clean Teen Publishing—went to Book Expo of America (#BEA15) to share our novels with the world. Awesome, right? I almost jumped out of my computer chair at the sight (and I rarely leave that chair, considering I’m a writer ::wink::) After that, I basically stalked their LIVE… Continue reading #SATurday Author Goals

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#MondayBlogs: The Importance of Setting in a Novel

Intro: Monday has reached us again, and today brings us another guest blogger. Today, I am pleased to announce Tara Mayoros, author of Broken Smiles. This well-traveled writer has written a wonderful post about the importance of setting in a novel, and her writing tips are sure to stay with us the next time we… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: The Importance of Setting in a Novel


My Mental Vacation

So…my mental health day turned into a vacation overnight. I hit the road! I am one of those people that can’t sit still for too long, so I’m celebrating life by traveling around. And I’ll be sure to share my adventure in the near future, but - as of now - I am living this adventure,… Continue reading My Mental Vacation

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Guest Post: Author, T.B. Markinson

Shannon, here, for an introduction. Every now and then, I have a guest blogger, because I come across an author, writer, and/or reader that I enjoy hearing from. I have learned from every one of my guest bloggers, and T.B. Markinson is no exception. She is a passionate writer, and her blog, Making My Mark,… Continue reading Guest Post: Author, T.B. Markinson


Writing and Airports

Writing and airports. What do they have in common? I'm sure I could come up with a creative joke, but I'd rather move right on to this writing prompt. For the past few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time in, out, and around airports. Those little moments brought lingering thoughts of potential plots… Continue reading Writing and Airports

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I’m Back :]

I've returned from my vacation, and I am so excited, because I returned to ShannonAThompson.com passing 8,000 followers 😀 Thank you for the coming home present. I'm truly blessed to be gifted with so much encouragement, and I'm working hard to get more novels out along with writing and publishing tips. But what am I… Continue reading I’m Back :]