#MondayBlogs Dear Writers, 2017 Can Be Your Year!

This year, I had three writing goals. 1. I wanted to sign one of my books during a Barnes & Noble event. 2. I wanted to attend a book convention as an author (booth and all!) 3. I wanted—and this one I thought I’d never reach—to receive a full request from a literary agent. I’m… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Dear Writers, 2017 Can Be Your Year!


#MondayBlogs My Average Day as an Author

The average day as an author varies from writer to writer, but I think there’s a huge misconception that we wake up, write all day, and fall asleep at the end of the night with thousands of words ready for print. In reality, most authors—yes, even The New York Times Best Sellers—work day jobs. Writing is… Continue reading #MondayBlogs My Average Day as an Author

Guest Blogger · Writing Tips

#MondayBlogs All You Need (as a writer)

Intro: Being a writer isn’t a decision for many. You just are. Still, it takes a lot to decide to be true to you and your work. Today’s guest blogger knows this lesson all too well. Ken Hughes, an urban fantasy author, discusses the truth behind what it takes to be an author—and how to… Continue reading #MondayBlogs All You Need (as a writer)


My Week as an Author: the Many Ups and Downs

If you follow my Facebook page, then you’ve seen the events that I am about to talk about, and you saw them happen to me in real-time. (What can I say? Facebook is my go-to place to speak to you all live.) But if you don’t follow my Facebook page: 1. You missed out on… Continue reading My Week as an Author: the Many Ups and Downs