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When Are You Ready to Query?

Writers who want to publish with the Big Five need literary agents. To get a literary agent, one must query. To do that, you need your entire publishing package ready. That includes your formatted manuscript, query letter, and 1-page synopsis. Let’s say you have all three of these items right in front of you.  How… Continue reading When Are You Ready to Query?


Your Story Ideas Aren’t Enough

The other day I was on Twitter and saw someone tweet out something along the lines of, “YOUR STORY IDEA DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING,” and I about had a heart attack, because WHAT. I mean, of course ideas matter. In fact, I’m one of those authors that keep lists and lists of ideas, because I believe… Continue reading Your Story Ideas Aren’t Enough


Should You Revise & Resubmit?

Querying can be terrifying. Whether you’re searching for an agent or applying directly to an editor/publisher (or even your own agent), sending your work out there is a nail-biting experience for nearly everyone, including established writers. In fact, most writers will tell you that rejection is a constant part of the publishing process. No matter… Continue reading Should You Revise & Resubmit?

Writing Tips

Authors Who Give Up

As writers, we discuss lots of ups and downs. Writer’s block, in particular. But what about something stronger than writer’s block? What about feeling like you want to give up? “Giving up” is hard to define. Quite frankly, the definition will be different for every writer. One author might feel like giving up writing altogether,… Continue reading Authors Who Give Up


The Ideal Writing Pace

Writing is a different experience for everyone. Just check out the #amwriting hashtag on Twitter and you will see authors hitting 50,000 words in two weeks…and in two years. So how long should it take to write your book? Stephen King claims to give up on a book if you can’t finish the first draft… Continue reading The Ideal Writing Pace

Writing Tips

#WW Help! My Female Character Is Flat

I’m guilty! Oh, so guilty. While writing my latest manuscript for my publisher, I hit a snag 38,000 words in, and could not—for the life of me—figure out what was wrong with it. Then, I realized what happened. My female protagonist was flat. Allow me to back track for a little bit. I never used… Continue reading #WW Help! My Female Character Is Flat

Writing Tips

#MondayBlogs Confessions of a Slow Writer

I’m a slow writer. There. I said it. I’m a slow writer. (Just for extra measure.) You see, I used to think I was a fast writer. “I can write a manuscript in two months,” “I wrote that novella in a few days,” “That short story took me an hour.” Okay. So, I’ve never actually… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Confessions of a Slow Writer


#MondayBlogs The Worst Thing A Reader Ever Said To Me

I can admit the worst thing a reader ever wrote to me. It was 2007, I was 16, my publisher at the time had released my first novel, and Honesty Box was the hottest app on Facebook. My high school self was naïve enough to have one of these, and one day, I found myself staring… Continue reading #MondayBlogs The Worst Thing A Reader Ever Said To Me

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#WW The Emotions of Finishing a Novel

Recently, I finished the first draft of a novel. Granted, any novelist already knows that means the novel isn’t truly finished, but alas, finishing that first draft is the first hurdle to novel freedom. There are a lot of emotions that come along with that moment. Even if it is the tenth novel you’ve written,… Continue reading #WW The Emotions of Finishing a Novel