Why Writers Should Watch “Adult World”

Announcements:  The latest poem in my Wattpad poetry series has been added! Share, like, and comment for your chance to be mentioned during my next YouTube video. This week's poem is titled - The Affair - and here are the opening lines: I fell in love with childhood, he wore a red cape made of… Continue reading Why Writers Should Watch “Adult World”


My Love Story: Poetry Edition

Announcements:  Bonnie Brown’s Book Reviews posted her thoughts on Minutes Before Sunset, stating, "This was a book I slowly fell in love with. When I first picked it up, I wasn’t instantly hooked on it but as the pages ticked by I realized I was falling further and further in love with the story and… Continue reading My Love Story: Poetry Edition

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Relax & Read: Sailing Alone Around the Room

After Friday's post about my poetry and nonfiction writing classes, I received a few questions regarding reading other genres. For instance, Ed Raby Sr. (blogger about one man's quest to apply Biblical Theology to life), asked "Poetry was something I never seemed to get into. Do you have recomendation for a person who does not… Continue reading Relax & Read: Sailing Alone Around the Room