TV Time: Being Human

It’s great to see you all on Shelfari. I really love connecting with readers and writers further. This is why I want to take some time to thank one of my followers, Indiscriminate Critic, for finding my Goodreads page. Now, you can join me on that site as well by clicking here. I really like Goodreads, because you can connect, but I LOVE the neverending trivia quiz about the books you’ve read.

However, I’m here to write about the t.v. series “Being Human.” (Official website via Syfy here.)


Season 3 premiere on the Syfy channel this Monday at 9/8c. I’m REALLY stoked, because I LOVE this show. It’s based on the original British supernatural series, and it follows the basic plot line the same (I watched both the American and British version of season one to see.)

“Being Human” is about three twenty-somethings attempting to live together–except they’re supernatural. Aidan is a vampire, Josh is a werewolf, and Sally is a ghost.

If you like supernatural, this series is for you. Even cooler, the Syfy channel posts all the old episodes, so you can catch up! Catch up on Season 2 here. It’s worth it. One of my best friends who lives far away watches it like I do, and we talk about it over the phone the next day. It’s a great show to try to predict and enjoy with friends.




22 thoughts on “TV Time: Being Human

  1. I love Being Human! I only recently discovered this (the Brit version, that is, I didn’t know there was a US version), and am catching up with all the back episodes on Lovefilm (which is a UK version of Netflix). It has added appeal for me as is filmed in my home town, so I’m constantly annoying my husband with cries of “oh, oh, I know where they are there! I recognise that building!” On Thursday we were back in my hometown going to a funeral, which isn’t such a good story, but I accidentally-on-purpose made husband take a wrong turning so we could drive past the pink house.

  2. Ahhhhh I’ve always wanted to watch this show! I’ve been meaning to watch it on Netflix, but I usually end up saying, “I’m just going to watch the show in my Instant Queue with the least number of episodes… Or I’ll watch a movie.” It seems like a really good show, and I watched one episode once and I liked it.

    1. Honestly, I liked both, but my friend liked the American, so I ended up watching that one. They’re very similar, but I think I like the American “Aidan” more, and the British “Sally” more.

  3. Hey Shannon. Just wanted to thank you for the follow, and compliment you on your blog, it’s beautiful. Thought I’d pop this comment here as I’m a huge fan of the british version of ‘Being Human’ – watched seasons 2 and 3 in the run up to Christmas last year. I’m intrigued by the idea of an American version; sometimes these things translate poorly, but others have been brilliantly done, with the US version bringing something new/different to the concept. Which from the sounds of it is the case here? I’ll have to see if its available over here in the UK at all.

  4. OK, serious question: I gave the first episode of the US version a shot, and I am developing a serious allergy to Sam Witwer’s Acting Face. (Sorry! He’s trying to express things like “I am conflicted, and I want to kill people, and also killing people makes me feel really shitty about myself, and the ladies, they keep throwing their delicious blood-filled bodies at me, my life is super-hard!” and all I get is “hnnnggghhh.”) Does it get better? Is this first-episode static or a thing that continues into the series? (Hi, by the way!)

    1. I think it gets A LOT better on his part. But I can also see what you’re coming from. I remember thinking I liked the British version more after the first episode, because I tried to convince my friend to switch, but she won, so I stuck with the American, and I ended up liking the American better in the end.
      And Hi 😀

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