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#SATurdate: Penned Con, Descendants of the Sun, Snow Like Ashes, & Paperbacks

24 Sep

What I’m Writing:

I’m 52,291 words into Bad Bloods: July Thunder! I was sort of—maybe—kind of hoping to keep this book under 120,000 words, but it looks like it will be just as long as the first two installments at this point. It’s kind of funny not knowing if it will be one book or two, but I’ll keep everyone updated! In the meantime, check out the Pinterest board.

What I’m Publishing:

Bad Bloods: November Snow is now available as a paperback! (Woot!) For those of you wanting signed copies, I will offer those this next week once I get back from Penned Con. That’s right. I’m at Penned Con in St. Louis RIGHT NOW. So, if you’re near me, stop on by and say hi. I’m sharing a booth with the lovely and talented Natasha Hanova. (And we have candy.)

November Rain (FREE)

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November Snow,

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Goodreads

What I’m Reading:

Snow Like Ashes

Snow Like Ashes

I finished The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele! Adventurous and super fun, The Marked Girl by Lindsey Klingele tells the story of what happens when a prince and two comrades from another dimension—a warring dimension full of scary, evil creatures called wraths—fall into modern LA and meets Liv, a foster kid on the run. Chaos ensues. I loved the humor in this book. I really enjoyed seeing our modern world from the viewpoint of Cedric (the prince from a more-or-less Medieval-type society). The descriptions were on point—enough to tell the reader what it was he was talking about, while keeping it mysterious to himself. I really enjoyed that, and his conflicting ideals between his old world and the new one he found himself in. Liv was also a badass, at least in regards to personality. I loved how real she felt, and I enjoyed her friendship with Shannon. (Hey! There’s a Shannon in this book. That’s another plus.) The letdowns mainly focus on disappointments rather than anything necessarily bad about the book. Based on marketing and the first couple of pages, I thought we’d see more of Caelum (the other world), but we only see the one chapter at the beginning. That being said, it leaves on QUITE the cliffhanger, hinting to seeing more of the world next time, and I am hoping to get my hands on the sequel soon. Also, the book relies heavily on tropes, which isn’t a bad thing if you love them. BUT I will say this: I LOVE that the love triangle is two girls and one boy rather than the other way around. Overall, though, it felt more like a “part one” than a “book one.” I still recommend it to YA Fantasy readers, especially for those who enjoy Urban Fantasy and Light Fantasy. Recommended to YA readers of light, urban fantasy. Favorite Quote: Maybe hell is just a myth we ascribe to worlds we cannot imagine.

In other news, I FINALLY began Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. How has it taken me this long? UGH. I’ll never know.

What I’m Listening To:

What I’m Watching:

Descendants of the Sun is my latest K-Drama obsession, and I love it. Seriously, I’ve cried so hard during this show, it’s stupid. It follows a female doctor and a male solider as they get to know each other on various landscapes during numerous issues. They have a lot of moral conversations about life, and the life lost around them is heart-breaking! Definitely watch this right meow. It’s on Netflix.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun

I also watched Amazon’s Original Fleabag, and I LOVED it. This one is about a 20-something girl dealing with the death of her best friend while trying to survive in the big city. It’s tragically sad and hilariously funny. Check them both out.

What I’m Baking, Making, and Drinking:

No baking for me this week! I’m on the road, eating Halloween candy at my booth at Penned Con. Come grab some Airheads or Snickers.

What I’m Wearing:

Penned Con 2016

Penned Con 2016

Despite my non-Pikachu picture, I am wearing my Pikachu hat at Penned Con. Because nothing says “I’m an author” like all the nerdy clothes I’ve been dying to wear.

What I’m Wanting:

As I’m writing this, pasta—because I’m starving.

What I’m Dreaming Of:

Honestly, this is the first week where I wasn’t writing down my dreams, so I got nothing.

What Else Is Going On:

Okay. One more time. I am at Penned Con in St. Louis RIGHT NOW, so come on out, say hello, and read awesome books.



TV Time: King of the Nerds

7 Mar

Four P.M. Update: My Twitter hit 1,000 likes too :]

Noon Update: My Facebook Author Page hit 100 likes! I am spinning in circles of happiness. Thank you for the consistent support. I appreciate you all as much as I appreciate my morning coffee (something I cannot live without.) Have a wonderful day! 

Okay. So I know tonight is the finale, so I’m a little late (super late?) bringing this television series into my nerdy light, but I HAD to. My biggest excuse is the fact that TBS just got the GO for season 2. And, yes, you can now apply to compete yourself.

King of the Nerds tests the intellect and varies capabilities of eleven “nerds” (such as a game designer, neurologist, and a NASA employee) as they compete for $100,000 and to be crowned as they sit on the Throne of Games. (Yes. Pun intended.) All of the nerdy action takes place at Nerdvana, and the contestants are hilarious. Even better, there isn’t as much useless drama as you may find on other reality shows (which I, personally, can’t stand about reality television.) Nerds seem to understand what matter, including when emotions get out of hand. 00097787-608003

The show comes on TBS on Thursdays, 10/9c. It’s hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, both actors are known for their characters in the comedy series, Revenge of the Nerds.

Tonight, I’m really rooting for Ivan to win (mainly because he painted himself red, stood on stilts, gave himself horns, and waved a flaming sword around in the “create your own fantasy world competition.)5cd6f791f96ebcc80870087bbc4dbca7

If you haven’t checked this show out, it’s a new (and definitely a celebration) show about being a “nerd.” If you’re anything like me (definitely nerdy) this show is a wonderful reminder of why being “nerdy” isn’t a bad thing; it’s a great thing! Watch what it’s about, and maybe you’ll forward to season 2 like I am! Click here to visit the show’s home page.


P.S. Thank you for the all congratulations! I’m really excited. I will surely keep you all updated, but I have to clarify that November Snow is already available as paperback (through Amazon) because I got a few questions regarding that.  I also got my first submissions for the cover for Minutes Before Sunset, and I’m working hard to get everything ready!

In other news, an aspiring author, the lovely Lee Paige, wrote a very touching piece about my blog, and I wanted to share it, because it’s a perfect example of how my followers help move me forward (and how I strive to help others move forward.) I want us to achieve our dreams together, and it seems that Lee Paige is a great example of how that dream is happening! Click here to read her piece.

My Author Page is 10 away from hitting 100 followers; it'd make me spin in circles of happiness if I could hit that mark. I may even record it.

My Author Page is 10 away from hitting 100 followers; it’d make me spin in circles of happiness if I could hit that mark. I may even record it. 😀

TV Time: Being Human

12 Jan

It’s great to see you all on Shelfari. I really love connecting with readers and writers further. This is why I want to take some time to thank one of my followers, Indiscriminate Critic, for finding my Goodreads page. Now, you can join me on that site as well by clicking here. I really like Goodreads, because you can connect, but I LOVE the neverending trivia quiz about the books you’ve read.

However, I’m here to write about the t.v. series “Being Human.” (Official website via Syfy here.)


Season 3 premiere on the Syfy channel this Monday at 9/8c. I’m REALLY stoked, because I LOVE this show. It’s based on the original British supernatural series, and it follows the basic plot line the same (I watched both the American and British version of season one to see.)

“Being Human” is about three twenty-somethings attempting to live together–except they’re supernatural. Aidan is a vampire, Josh is a werewolf, and Sally is a ghost.

If you like supernatural, this series is for you. Even cooler, the Syfy channel posts all the old episodes, so you can catch up! Catch up on Season 2 here. It’s worth it. One of my best friends who lives far away watches it like I do, and we talk about it over the phone the next day. It’s a great show to try to predict and enjoy with friends.




TV Time: Alaska Marshals

25 Nov

Hey all!

I’ve been enjoying the family time at home recently, but I thought I would share some cool information with you.

During my family reunion (not the ENTIRE family, but more than I normally get to see), I saw family from Pennsylvania and Alaska. We caught up, ate a lot of food, and, most importantly, spent quality time together. During our talks, however, we all sat back, turned on the television, and watched one of our own on the tube.

My cousin is a U.S. Marshal (great guy who deserves a lot of praise for his hard work and dedication), and he is now on the Discovery Channel show, “Alaska Marshals.” These marshals do what they do, chase down the bad guys, and arrest them, but they also do it in the Alaskan elements.

I’ve seen the first episode. It’s intense ! Watch a clip via YouTube here.

So cuddle up on your warm couch, and watch these brave marshals partake in hunting down some seasoned criminals in the cold. Get more information here & an episode guide here.

Hope the holidays have been wonderful for everyone, and here’s a picture of my reunion: my grandma, three uncles, two aunts, four cousins, brother, dad, and a great time! 


TV Time: American Horror Story: Asylum

17 Oct

Happy Wednesday, readers!

I’m back, so be expecting daily updates again, and thank you all so much for all of your condolences and nice notes. I hope everyone took a moment to hug their loved ones this week.

I thought today would be a great day to come back, because American Horror Story (season 2) is premiering tonight on FX. Set in 1964, this television thriller takes place in an overly religious insane asylum, and the characters are sure to cause shivers to run up your spine all night long. Plus, season 2 is completely separate from season 1, so you don’t even have to catch up like you do with other television shows.

If you’re looking for an October scare (or just something different and unique), then turn on FX tonight, and give the insane asylum a try. What could be scarier than Nazis, serial killers, mutants, and aliens? Maybe the troubled Sister Jude? I can’t wait to tune in tonight and find out!

Click here to see more about American Horror Story (or watch some of their intros!).


TV Time: Gossip Girl

7 Oct

Considering I’ve been watching this show since 2007, and I started reading the book series in 2002, I cannot believe the last season is premiering tomorrow night!

Based on the best selling YA series by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl is a drama-filled soap about the Upper East Side—who’s rich and who’s richer. Although the show itself doesn’t follow the books at all (except for the very first episode of season one) I fell in love with this guilty pleasure of mine. If you have the same guilty pleasure—watching melodramatic teenagers throw money around while attempting to control their angst and act like adults, then this New York soap is for you. Even better, the final season is upon us tomorrow, so you don’t have to wait for anything new once this season is over.

Click here to watch the season promo (because it’s as drama-filled as the show itself).

And click here to read more on the original series.



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